Christmas Affiliate Bots Upsell Review

Christmas Affiliate Bots Review and Bonus by Rich Williams – In 72 Hours, Amazon Will Have A $90 Billion Month. Here’s How YouTube Lets YOU Get Affiliate Christmas Cash

Christmas Affiliate Bots Reviews

Before you buy another ebook, method, course, you need to know about Christmas Affiliate Bots by Rich Williams – here is why

Finally – $3 Billion Days Let ANYONE Get FREE Traffic And Start Getting Affiliate Commissions Without Any Manual Work. Now here’s what this is all about…Hi, I’m Chris, and along with my partners Rich I’m the creator of a new software suite, the Affiliate AI Bots…A $20,000 software pre-loaded with hundreds of affiliate programs, scripts, Google AI technology, voice over software, Amazon products, and pre-made content – all DONE FOR YOU.

Christmas Affiliate Bots is very simply to apply and very suggested for Internet Marketers. Christmas Affiliate Bots Review and Bonus by Rich Williams – In 72 Hours, Amazon Will Have A $90 Billion Month. Here’s How YouTube Lets YOU Get Affiliate Christmas Cash is truly an outstanding product – Christmas Affiliate Bots Review

Watch the demo Christmas Affiliate Bots here :

Christmas Affiliate Bots Review and Bonus by Rich Williams – In 72 Hours, Amazon Will Have A $90 Billion Month. Here’s How YouTube Lets YOU Get Affiliate Christmas Cash

Christmas Affiliate Bots Review

Christmas Affiliate Bots review

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With Christmas Affiliate Bots, you’re getting 5 software tools in 1…which include:

  • 5x Affiliate/Traffic Softwares in ONE + multiple features
  • Zen Niches – pre-loaded with 100+ profitable affiliate niches making thousands of dollars per day
  • Zen Affiliate – quickly research affiliate programs for any niche keyword then add it to your personal database
  • Zen Spinner – which turns your product research into a spun mini-article to export as an article or voice over script
  • Zen Video that creates proven, profitable, affiliate review videos for any niche, market or keyword in 60 seconds
  • Zen Christmas Voice – software to turn any script into a voiceover with Google WaveVoice!
  • Zen Theme – a premium WordPress theme, which instantly gives you an ecommerce/affiliate store with content
  • Zen Keywords – discover the best Google & YouTube keywords for 100 ecom niches – targeted free traffic!

Christmas Affiliate Bots Benefits :

  • NEW 6-in-1 Cloud-Based App
  • Profit with a $90 Billion Frenzy
  • Be A Super Affiliate.. in 30 Days
  • Get Free Traffic with YouTube
  • Earn Commissions with Amazon
  • Create Unlimited Websites
  • 100x DoneForYou Niches
  • 256 Million Amazon Products
  • Create “Google AI” Voices
  • Take a slice of $3 billion per day
  • Profit In The Next 30 Days
  • Step By Step Training and Videos

In December 2019: YouTube = Unlimited Buyer Traffic + Amazon = Unlimited Affiliate Commissions…And Deploy Our NEW “AI” Tech? It’s GAME-OVER!

  • YouTube is the world’s 2nd biggest search engine – with over 3 billion searches a month.
  • Many of these searches are for the EXACT products we can promote on Amazon…
  • Using a unique “drag and drop” loophole I’m about to show you…
  • We can get FREE YouTube traffic for ANY of these eCOM BUYER keywords…
  • Which lets us earn affiliate commissions – from 250 million Amazon products!

Want To TAP Into a $90 Billion Christmas Cash Bonanza.. with FREE YouTube Traffic & Amazon Affiliate Commissions?

But what if there was a solution that could do EVERYTHING for you?

  • Profiting from a $90 billion affiliate cash pile was DONE FOR YOU
  • So that finding the top eCom niches was DONE FOR YOU
  • Discovering profitable Amazon products was DONE FOR YOU
  • Writing unique “product review” articles was DONE FOR YOU DONE FOR YOU
  • Building eCom websites (with content) was DONE FOR YOU
  • Recording “real” voice overs was DONE FOR YOU
  • Creating HD videos (with images + slides) was DONE FOR YOU
  • Finding the best buyer keywords was DONE FOR YOU
  • Getting “buyer” traffic from YouTube & Google was DONE FOR YOU
  • Generating affiliate commissions with Amazon was DONE FOR YOU

Christmas Affiliate Bots Work :

First, I choose from 100 Done For You Amazon niches. All of these niches have millions of searches, and huge affiliate commissions.

Now, we need to choose some affiliate programs to promote. Simply load the software…drag-and-drop a few products into the builder…And the software spins this into a complete “product review” article! With unique text and images – all 100% done-for-you!.

It’s Time To Create Your Voiceover – With Google AI! Yes, that’s right…AI Affiliate ALSO turns your script into a REAL human voiceover! How? With Google’s NEW Wavenet Text-to-voice technology! So choose from 5 voices – male, female… American, UK, Australian…Click go…

Now Our Images, Script & Voiceover are All Done…So it’s time to create our video! This is THE fastest way to make Amazon product review videos…Simply import the “AI” campaign file we made, tweak it – hit go…And download your video! And that’s all there is to it! Go from Amazon niche, to professional YouTube video, in under a minute…AI changes everything in 2019!

Finally, it’s Time To Get Traffic & Make Money. And that means we need a website…To turn the traffic our YouTube videos get… into Amazon affiliate commissions. That’s why I’ll give you my custom WordPress theme – the Zen eCommerce Store theme. Of-course, the theme gives you your own professional eCommerce Store…But, more importantly, it allows us to add our Amazon reviews in just seconds! All we need to do is import the AI campaign file we created earlier with my AI Affiliate tool, then click go. Instantly, your ecommerce store is pre-populated with your Amazon affiliate reviews…And the great news is, because of our in-built spinner tool, you don’t need to write a thing! So, the end result is you get an instant webpage, reviewing the top Amazon affiliate offers for your niche…100% done for you in seconds! Finally, we just embed the video review we created earlier – and our website is complete! It looks like it took weeks to put this together.. but with AI, it only took us a few minutes! That’s what happens when you combine “AI” with our Done For You technology!

Finally, Target The Best Free Traffic Keywords On Google & YouTube…For 100+ of the best Amazon and ecommerce niches. Simply choose your niche, download the list of top keywords…Then rank your AI videos and websites on Google & YouTube, for those exact ultra-targeted BUYER keywords!

And There You Have it! The Christmas Affiliate Software Suite Lets ANYONE Turn FREE Youtube Traffic Into Amazon Affiliate Commissions

Get Instant Access to 6x NEW Software Apps
And see how this is THE automated system YOU need! It may sound incredible, but it’s taken us less than 2 minutes to…

DoneForYou Christmas Commissions
Drag-and-Drop Content. Add the doneforyou scripts & voice overs…Then create your video… and find the best keywords…And start getting free YouTube and Google traffic – to any website or affiliate program! And that’s all there is to it!

EVERYTHING is 100% Done For You!
Your traffic is 100% free! And the potential is completely unlimited! In fact you can use Affiliate A.I. Bot to promote 40 affiliate programs every day, across CB, JVZoo, Warrior+ and launches

FINALLY!! Use AI to Create NEW Unique Content, Generate NEW “Google Voices” & Discover NEW Affiliate Programs.. For ALL The Top Amazon, ClickBank JVZoo & WarriorPlus Niches!

Simply Choose A Website or Pre-Selected Affiliate Program, then..
Choose your affiliate programs… spin the done for you scripts… use AI to create your voice overs…Then upload your video to YouTube… and add the article to your website…And start profiting!

Then, Deploy my NEW Affiliate Video Software
By 2020, video will account for 80% of global internet traffic, and 85% in the US. Top marketers like me are making money and getting traffic DAILY with video…Are you ready to grab a slice of that pie?

Affiliate Christmas BOT is Your New, All-in-One DONE FOR YOU…Video creation Software Suite.
Create unlimited HD videos for any website or affiliate program…Find an affiliate program, create $1k videos, get FREE YouTube BUYER traffic…

Christmas Affiliate Bots Features :

  • SPIN Unlimited Product Reviews for FREE SEO Traffic
  • CREATE Unlimited MP3 Voices with NEW Google “WaveVoice” Tech
  • 9x “royalty-free” music “backing tracks” for a professional touch
  • 11x background images to captivate your audience
  • 12x fonts to customize your video and make the million dollar copy convert
  • 100x top affiliate programs DAILY
  • Turn any website into a video in 60x seconds
  • 100x Profitable YouTube Niches, Pre-loaded
  • Get FREE Traffic from Google & YouTube

I’ll send you an instant access link to the Christmas Affiliate tool suite, including…All 3 of my Affiliate A.I. Bot software engines – all compatible on both PC and Mac

Software #1 – AI Affiliate Creator

  • Pre-loaded with 100+ Amazon + eCom niches
  • Pre-loaded with 400+ affiliate programs to review
  • Create unique articles.. with AI spinner technology!t
  • THEN, turn scripts/articles into voice – with 5x Google “WaveNet” AI Human Voices
  • Export as a zip file, with image/script to make a video!

Software #2 – Zen Video Creator

  • Create Amazon “top 10” product review videos
  • Promote any product or affiliate program
  • Import the “AI” campaign zip file from “AI Affiliate”
  • Turn that zip into an instant zip – with slides + voice!
  • Stay on top of EVERY network DAILY from your browser!
  • View top 20 each day, or click to load full list for each

Software #3 – Zen eCommerce WP theme

  • Import the AI campaign zip file we created with AI Affiliate
  • Instantly, your ecommerce store is pre-populated with affiliate reviews
  • In-built spinner – no need for writing, techie headaches or design work
  • Get an instant webpage, reviewing the top
  • Amazon affiliate offers for your niche…

Software #4 – eCom KEYWORDS

  • Target the best free traffic keywords on Google & YouTube
  • AI Keywords is preloaded with thousands of profitable ecommerce keywords
  • Simply choose your niche, download the list of top keywords…
  • For over 100 of the best Amazon and ecommerce niches.
  • Then rank your AI videos and websites on Google & YouTube…

With This NEW $1k/Minute Video Suite You Can Finally…

NEW 6-in-1 Make Money Software
Finally, a COMPLETE way for anyone to get traffic & generate commissions with a NEW “A.I.” edge for December 2019

Make $1,000 videos…that get traffic & generate leads and sales…without the price tag!

Start Getting Free Traffic From Google
& YouTube… for billions of buyer keywords And remember, 60 Second Video includes..

Hundreds of Done For You Written Lines
Create Unlimited Affiliate Videos without ANY writing, voiceovers, product selection or techie work

9 “royalty-free” music “backing tracks”
(or add your own audio)11 background images to captivate your audience.

160 YouTube Niches Pre-loaded
Video Researcher contains 100 niche keywords preloaded. Just click once to view the top 50 videos

Complete Training – To Get You Started
In minutes. Access to my UK-based customer support team

NEW 24/7 Affiliate Programs
24/7 Access to TOP ClickBank, JVZoo, WarriorPlus affiliate programs on 1 page – all from your web browser!

Full Commercial & Agency Rights
You can use your video for any purpose and sell to any business for 100% profit

Videos + Traffic + Affiliate: 100% Done For You
Get started TODAY – we choose affiliate programs, build your slides, write your script & record your voice overs…it’s all DONE FOR YOU before you even login!

Lets Review What You Get Today!

  • EVERYTHING you need to profit from the Christmas feeding frenzy – with Amazon, YouTube and my 6 Software Apps!
  • AI Niches Database – pre-loaded with 100 of the top-selling Amazon niches, with huge searches and affiliate commissions
  • AI Affiliate Spinner – create and export affiliate reviews in a few seconds with this automated spinner
  • AI Voices Module – turn your freshly spun article reviews into 5 English-speaking voiceovers – with Google’s Wave AI Technology
  • Zen Video Creator – that auto-creates profitable affiliate videos for any Amazon niche or product in 60 seconds
  • Zen Website Theme – a WordPress theme, custom-built for Amazon, that builds out complete ecommerce stores in seconds.
  • eCom Keywords – pre-loaded with 1000s of profitable keywords for 100 of the top Amazon eCommerce niches

Christmas Affiliate Bots Bonuses :

Bonus 1 : Video Training
Watch over my shoulder as I show you how to deploy the DoneForYou videos in a matter of seconds. I’ll show you PRECISELY how to launch your first Affiliate A.I. Bots and get free traffic. And remember…you can create videos for affiliate reviews, YouTube trailers, Facebook ads, sales videos.. all from this 4-in-1 software suite! In this training, I’ll show you how!

Bonus 2 : Quick Start PDF
I KNOW you want to launch your first video in a matter of SECONDS. And that’s why I created this short, to the point PDF which shows you precisely how to do it!

Bonus 3 : Affiliate A.I. Bots.. For All of 2019!
This is INSANE! We’ve had over 90,000 customers and one reason is, we support our products for months after release. That’s why you can be confident we will support Affiliate A.I. Bots and update all the softwares. Imagine getting a stream of hundreds of the top affiliate programs EVERY DAY of 2019! Now that’s value!

Bonus 4 : 4x Done For You Components
OK, we know you want the power and flexibility that comes with letting you create videos for ANY website, affiliate program or product…BUT we also know you want to get started right away. That’s why we are going everything for you!First, we hand-pick the top 20 affiliate programs everyday (or click once to expand to over 100+). Second, we give you content/slides for 100 affiliate programs across CB, Warrior & JVZoo. Thirdly, we give you 100 YouTube niches – just click once for a 1000x metric breakdown with the 50 top videos. Finally, we include over 500x DoneForYou scripts AND voiceovers inside the video creator.So, either do it yourself (for any offer)…or let us do it for you!

Christmas Affiliate Bots : Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ)

Does Christmas Affiliate only work with Amazon, and in December?
NO, this system is evergreen. It’s just conversions go OFF THE SCALE in the month of December.

How long does it take to get Amazon affiliate program approval?
Amazon is known for its speed and it typically takes just 12-24 Hours for Amazon to approve your affiliate program request.

?Does Ai Bots work on PC & Mac
Yes! The software is cloud-based, so you can login right from your browser – on PCs & Apple Macs, even Mobile Phones& Tablets

?Whats support like?
80,000 customers! I’m hands-on to answer any questions you have, about the easy-to-use software, or my complete training!

?Whats included in Ai Bots
You’ll get access to the 4-in-1 software app, video training & guides – plus MUCH more!

?What about agency rights?
YES! Create unlimited videos, with 100% Royalty-free voices/scripts/images! With FULL agency + rights!

How does your money back guarantee work?
It’s simple.If you don’t like the product, just contact us for an unconditional risk-free 60-day refund, for any reason whatsoever.

?Wow. Are there any other products available?
Yes, I have 2 other completely optional products which I will also give you discounted access to..

How do I get started right now?
Click The Button Below Now For Instant Access To The Christmas Affiliate Bots…

So…Are you ready to finally bank cash in the next 30 days? You’re only one click away from finally unlocking the power of video. The first step is to click on the order button below. It’s risk-free. I’ll send you an instant access link to the Christmas Affiliate suite, and you can have your first video made in just a few minutes.

You can make and sell as many videos as you want with 100% commercial rights. You can get unlimited free traffic, promoting unlimited websites and affiliate programs. You’ll get instant access to all 4 software tools, as soon as you join. And I’ll also include personal access to my email address in the member’s area.

Download Christmas Affiliate Bots here :

Christmas Affiliate Bots Review and Bonus by Rich Williams – In 72 Hours, Amazon Will Have A $90 Billion Month. Here’s How YouTube Lets YOU Get Affiliate Christmas Cash Christmas Affiliate Bots Review Christmas Affiliate Bots will sell like crazy most likely because you are being shown how to make quick and easy and free money. I can tell you that this will blow you away when you see how easy it is to make money! Instruction are written in a easy to read and quite easy to follow. Christmas Affiliate Bots Discount

download Christmas Affiliate Bots

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