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Deep Spin Poster Review and Bonus by Andrew Kasch – Best New Legit Article Generator and Backlink Manager 2019

Deep Spin Poster Reviews

Before you buy another ebook, method, course, you need to know about Deep Spin Poster by Andrew Kasch – here is why

You need Deep Spin Poster if…conducting your own backlink campaign for improved search engine rankings is on your to-do list (and it should be, unless your SEO budget is infinite). The days of gaming the system are long gone. Building links from relevant, high-quality, unique content is the only reliable method, which will always remain reliable. Upsell Package: Includes 380+ Chrome bookmarks of sites to publish articles on (80 are web 2.0 free page/blog builders, 300 are high-authority blogs accepting guest post submissions) plus a freshly-researched On-Page SEO Checklist (9-page PDF). Downsell is just the 80 web 2.0 site bookmarks.

Deep Spin Poster is very simply to apply and very suggested for Internet Marketers. Deep Spin Poster Review and Bonus by Andrew Kasch – Best New Legit Article Generator and Backlink Manager 2019 is truly an outstanding product – Deep Spin Poster Review

Watch the demo Deep Spin Poster here :

Deep Spin Poster Review and Bonus by Andrew Kasch – Best New Legit Article Generator and Backlink Manager 2019

Deep Spin Poster Review

Deep Spin Poster review

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Deep Spin Poster is a Legit Article Generator and Backlink Manager

• Easy-to-use Chrome Extension
• 1-Click Article Creation
• 100% Copyscape Unique
• High Quality Readability
• Legit Original Content
• Article URL Manager/Poster

An indispensable app for:

  • Higher search engine rankings
  • Superb-quality 100% unique and legit articles created on demand for promoting your site and building sustainable backlinks

Count the cost of article publishing:

Writers Fees: $70 X ?
Keep in mind you need a minimum of 600+ words per article. They must be all-original, written in perfect English grammar, and researched for your topic. So this is a conservative estimate!

Blog Guest Posts: $200 X ?
If you have been approached by guest-post brokers (as most webmasters have) you already know this is the minimum they charge for publishing an article on a blog that has domain authority.

Deep Block Spinning

Block spinning spintax, sometimes called article versioning, utilizes sentence variations, paragraph shuffling, and random paragraph selection. Deep block spinning is our improvement upon that, which uses sentence shuffling as well. The results are simply incomparable.

To write a good source document:
Pick 7-10 subtopics (of your main topic) for your paragraphs. Each paragraph will be independent and conclusive, so they can appear in any order in the article. For each paragraph, write 4-6 independent and conclusive sentences, which can appear in any order in the paragraph.

Anchoring sentences & paragraphs:
Some sentences or paragraphs may need to be fixed in a certain position to read well. This is accomplished with simple tags in the document. Use as many as you like. It is especially useful to fix a first and/or last paragraph in place which contains a link to your money site. (A fixed paragraph will always output.)

Sentence variations:
Rewrite each sentence twice, saying the same thing but in completely different ways. Only one of each sentence variation will be pulled for output. The order of the selected sentences will be randomly shuffled, unless a sentence is fixed in its position with a tag.

The final step is to add traditional spintax to the sentences. You can use an article spinner for this, but will need to manually edit it for quality.

Polish your completed document by outputting a dozen or so articles and reviewing for typos and grammar issues to fix on the source document.

Rest assured our dynamic user manual will walk you through every step and tip, complete with screenshots.

Easy-to-Use Chrome Extension

1-Click Access
The app lives in your Chrome browser, so is never more than a click away. Publish new articles and post their links on social sites in seconds.

Direct Article Output
Deep Spin Poster can output new articles directly into web forms, WordPress posts, etc, or it can rapid-fire output to text files on your PC.

Right-Mouse Menu
Post new articles to forms, add published article URLs to the organizer, and post article URLs into web page fields all from a convenient right-click function.

Quality & Legit
You are using your own content and can sleep at night knowing your article posting is legal, above-board, is actually valuable, and high-quality.

Deep Spin Poster Bonuses :

Bonus #1: Content Marketing Mastery
If you think article posting is just about backlinks, your eyes are about to be opened to the true potential of online content marketing in this 43-page crash course. And it’s not just about articles. Learn about using videos, guest posting, and even making cartoons to drive warm traffic to your site. Conduct social media content marketing campaigns like a pro. You are certain to add a few arrows to your quiver and might just end up with a whole new business on your hands.

Bonus #2: Blogging is Back, Baby!
A step-by-step blueprint for building a high-income blog in 2019. This 23-page report is a fresh and original work that I am currently selling for $9 as a WSO (and getting rave reviews). I am throwing it in as a bonus during launch week for Deep Spin Poster. Learn how to choose a can’t-miss niche for creating a new blog, and how to generate high traffic from social media right out the gate. This is a long-term strategy and includes case studies of 3 blogs currently paying freelance writers $100-250 per article.

Bonus #3: Own Your Niche
We should never be satisfied being a minor player in our niche, even if we operate as an affiliate. Own Your Niche is a 36-page transcript of a classic 2006 interview with renown marketing consultant Marc Gamble, in which he offers tactics for perfecting every aspect of online customer acquisition including market exposure, lead generation, and conversion by effective sales letters. Differentiate yourself from the competition by mastering these steps and you will find you truly own your niche.

Deep Spin Poster : FAQs

Refund policy details?
All we ask is that you contact us with whatever issues you may have, and first and give us a chance to help. This is a Chrome extension so it pretty much “just works.” If we can’t make you happy, you may put in a refund request through JVZoo (not PayPal, please) within 7 days of purchase.

Upsells, OTOs, sales funnel?
There is one, and only one, inexpensive and totally optional add-on which is unrelated to the software functionality and not at all necessary for usage. It might make Chrome navigation a little more convenient, and provide some additional SEO tips. No hard sell, and up to you.

Can this be used for auto-blogging?
Conceivably, since you can rapid-fire new articles to text files. You would need a script that pulls from the text files to make new posts. You can, of course, output multiple articles to a WordPress blog and simply schedule their publishing. But Deep Spin Poster is really meant to be a white hat solution for content publishing and backlink building.

Will Drake & Kanye West come to celebrate my higher rankings?
We don’t know. You can certainly ask them. No guarantees on that.

Does the price really double after launch week?
Yes, and also 2 of the 3 bonuses will be gone. Come back the next week and see for yourself. At $96 this app will still be a bargain, and priced considerably cheaper than an inferior and outdated “block spin” tool still being sold out there.

It is important to understand the difference between this method, which is completely above-board and built upon your own content creation, and black hat “rewriters” based on using stolen content. I wouldn’t go near that kind of thing if you operate a serious online business. Build your house on rock, not on sand. We offer you a legit solution.

Build a Massive Network of Supporting Content & Links. There are hundreds of free blog platforms, article directories, and web 2.0 sites out there where you can post your articles. There are thousands of high-authority blogs now accepting guest posts. If you publish just a handful of new articles weekly, and maybe throw some cheap links at a selected few, your ranking factors will receieve a strong and steady push. The articles do need to be relevant and your own original content – which is exactly what this app produces. Deep Spin Poster also gathers and organizes all your published article URLs, and can drop their links directly into web forms and social media posts.

Download Deep Spin Poster here :

Deep Spin Poster Review and Bonus by Andrew Kasch – Best New Legit Article Generator and Backlink Manager 2019 Deep Spin Poster Review Deep Spin Poster will sell like crazy most likely because you are being shown how to make quick and easy and free money. I can tell you that this will blow you away when you see how easy it is to make money! Instruction are written in a easy to read and quite easy to follow. Deep Spin Poster Discount

download Deep Spin Poster

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