MemberZ Connect OJ James Upsell Review

MemberZ Connect OJ James Review and Bonus by OJ James – Best New membership & course builder Turns Visitors Into Loyal Buyers For Recurring Income – Copy & Profit From 30+ Done For You Affiliate Campaigns That TWO Marketers Use to Make $50,000 PER MONTH

MemberZ Connect OJ James Reviews

Before you buy another ebook, method, course, you need to know about MemberZ Connect OJ James by OJ James – here is why

MemberZ Connect OJ James is an all inclusive multi-feature membership & course builder, it’s the first of it kind because it not only builds the membership & courses, but it also allows you to license other wordpress plugin & theme, webapp or desktop software solution. The World’s Most Powerful & Easy To Use Solution That Creates Profitable Memberships & Courses. The Only Solution That Creates Easy To Setup Profitable Memberships & Courses That Your Customers Keep Paying To Access Month After Month. Connect now and you can save hours not having to worry about recurring income EVER again… while capturing more leads and retaining high customer loyalty than you ever thought possible! But wait, that’s not all you’re getting…I truly believe that armed with this software nothing will stop you…but I don’t want you to stop with this software! I want you to blow your competition away and make more money than you EVER have online…so I created.

MemberZ Connect OJ James is very simply to apply and very suggested for Internet Marketers. MemberZ Connect OJ James Review and Bonus by OJ James – Best New membership & course builder Turns Visitors Into Loyal Buyers For Recurring Income – Copy & Profit From 30+ Done For You Affiliate Campaigns That TWO Marketers Use to Make $50,000 PER MONTH is truly an outstanding product – MemberZ Connect OJ James Review

Watch the demo MemberZ Connect OJ James here :

MemberZ Connect OJ James Review and Bonus by OJ James – Best New membership & course builder Turns Visitors Into Loyal Buyers For Recurring Income – Copy & Profit From 30+ Done For You Affiliate Campaigns That TWO Marketers Use to Make $50,000 PER MONTH

MemberZ Connect OJ James Review

MemberZ Connect OJ James review

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MemberZ Connect OJ James OTO / Upsell :

  • FE : MemberZ Connect With Commercial Rights
    Premium Edition With Commercial Rights
  • OTO 1 : MemberZ Connect Platinum
    OTO1 – Platinum Edition with more features & benefits
  • OTO 2 : Ready To Sell Product Bundle
    Access 20 High Quality Software with White Label Rights, Sales Pages & Swipes Ready to Sell
  • OTO 3 : Membership Club
    Get 5 new products every month with Resellers rights
  • OTO 4 : Build My Membership
    Customers Get A State Of The Art Membership
  • OTO 5 : Agency License
    500 Licenses
    1000 Licenses

Unique Selling Points:

  • MemberZConect is 100% Unique First Of It’s Kind Solution
  • Build Unlimited Profitable Courses & Memberships For Just About Any Niche
  • Build In Sales Processing Rotatory Technology
  • Builds Your Buyers List Simultaneously
  • License Engine
  • 100% Easy & User Friendly To Use

MemberZ Connect consists of several powerful modules such as

  • 4 Step Membership & Course Builder Smart A.I. Technology
  • Easy 5 Step Product Creator System
  • 1 Click Course Builder System
  • 1 Click User, Order & Report Generator
  • 1 Click Backup, Import & Export Membership Data
  • Build-in Mouse Over Tool tips System
  • Block Specific IP address From Accessing Your Membership

MemberZ Connect OJ James Benefits :

  • Smart A.I. Course & Membership Builder Technology
  • Sell & Receive Payments Using Top-rated Payment Processors
  • Build Your Buyers Lists Across Multiple Autoresponders
  • Create Unlimited Sales Funnels & Offers
  • Grow Your Buyers List Simultaneously
  • Get 10 White-Label Premium Quality Software To Get Started Today
  • Fully Automated System Works For You 24/7/365
  • Attractive and Easy To Use Dashboard
  • 100% Newbie Friendly System
  • Get Long Lasting Sustainable Results

Get Your Course or Membership Up & Running In Just 3 Easy Steps

Step #1
Configure & Activate Your Membership or Course

Step #2
Launch Your Membership or Course & Watch Your Profits & Results Skyrocket to the Next Level

Step #3
Sit back & enjoying the rewards of recurring income

MemberZ Connect OJ James Testimony

Just wanted to give it a big applause. For coming out with such an amazing membership solution. It is a versatile tool that is applicable in every niche, if used the right way will aid in your business greatly. – Igor Burdan

OMG! OJ you’ve done it again. Believe me, this amazing software get two thumbs up as product vendor myself. It includes everything you need to get a profitable membership site up and running on the fly! With no tech skills required, this is definitely a winner. – Andrew Naser

Memberz Connect is the most awesome membership tool. This is a must have for anyone that wants an easy system for product & course delivery. – Remy L.

Memberz Connect is definitely one sleek software, from the interface to the functionality This is a true game changer. – Daniel Adetunji

Have You Ever Wanted To Create Course or Membership But Don’t Know How?

I’m pretty sure you’ve been frustrated by this situation where,

  • You had an idea and game plan to achieve massive success online
  • You have a following on social media or youtube and wanted a easy but cost effective way to make money online
  • Better yet, you wanted to launch your very own course or membership to get a piece of the recurring income pie

Using Memberz Connect is as EASY AS A-B-C…

Step #1
Upload & Activate The Plugin

Step #2
Configure Your Membership or Course

Step #3
Activate The Membership or Course Site

Step #4
Watch Your Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Even Yearly Income Revenues As Customers Pay to Access Your Membership Or Course.

Now You Can Turn Any Of Your Training/Software Into A Professionally Built Membership Site To Turn Your Buyers Into Loyal Recurring Customers and Leads…All In Just a Few Simple Steps!

  • Memberz Connect Uses Our Own Special Smart A.I. Technology To Automatically Add Your Content to a Professionally Built Membership Site That’s Easy For Your Customers To Use And Navigate.
  • So You Can Now Turn ANY Of That Content You’ve Been Working On Into A Product You Can Be Proud Of, Ready For Members To Use As Soon As They Click “BUY”

Here’s How easy it is!

Created To Help The Most Inexperienced Newbies
A Super Technology that’s ready to work tirelessly for your business, creating membership sites that connect with payment networks and ensure your content is for your customers’ eyes only. A technology that only requires you to load up your content ONCE and set your settings to ensure the right content is released at specific time periods for your clients…while you pick up the monthly checks!

Your All-In-One Solution To Market, Sell & Deliver Courses & Memberships Online In 2020 & Beyond
Ready to work for you as soon as you click “Activate”

Professional & Stylish Dashboard For easy Membership & Course Manager

Smart Intelligent A.I. Technology That Hooks Up To Any Platform You Sell On

Built To Customize And Retain – This software works with a really easy to understand a work membership portal for each product. You can assign as many products as you want to a membership. Each of these represents a different level

Build & Populate Your Courses With Content, Video, Images and Download Links

Manage All Of Your Users From One Easy To Edit Interface For All Your Products Or Just One

Full Analytics To View, Track & Process Orders On Fly

Create Funnels Inside Of Memberz Connect – Create OTO1 Offers, OTO2 Offers And More With Just A few Clicks…

Why Memberz Connect Dominates The Industry

MemberZ Connect OJ James Bonuses :

Bonus #1 – Trending Keywords Connect
Find The Most Popular Keywords That People Are Actually Searching For From ALL SIX Of the World’s BIGGEST Search Engines

Bonus #2 – Stock Photo Connect
Search Millions of FREE Stock Photos (Royalty Free Images) & Easily Insert Them Inside of Your WordPress Posts with 1-Click

Bonus #3 – Affiliate Funnel Builder Connect
Affiliate Funnel Builder Connect – The plugin allows anyone to easily create complete affiliate funnels (to promote any kind of offer) in no time

Bonus #4 – Feeds Connect
If You’re Using WordPress Chances Are That Your Content is Being Silently Stolen By Tons of Sites Through Your RSS Feeds. With this plugin you can force Content Stealers To Work For You

Bonus #5 – Push Convert Connect
WP Push Convert – If someone keeps visiting your salespage over and over, then it’s time to do something

Bonus #6 – Member Upsells Connect
The plugin lets you add “one time pages” (they display only once per visitor) to any wordpress page or post. Requires a WordPress Membership Software (can be free or paid)

Bonus #7 – Viral Contest Connect
Get More Action On Your Sites & Blogs With Engaging Viral Contests That Sky rockets Sales With Improved Click Through Rates!

Bonus #8 – Leads Filter Connect
With this powerful plugin, you can interact with your visitors in a fun and engaging way while building your email list and filtering your subscribers automatically.

Bonus #9 – Optin Connect
Here’s The Fastest And Easiest Way To 10x The Sales, Profits And Cash Flow Of Your Internet Business…Guaranteed. If you’d like to increase the sales and profits of your Internet business.

Bonus #10 – Xyber Email Assistant Connect
Turbo-Charge The Growth of Your Business, While Freeing Up Your Time With Reduced Customer Support Hassles.

You are completely at Zero-Risk with our product.

Our Awesome Memberz comes with a special 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee! If at any time within 30 days of purchasing, you are not 100% satisfied, you may return it to us for a refund. No questions asked. Your satisfaction is our primary concern. We may keep talking about our powerful software, but ultimately you have to try it out for yourself and make sure this is for you!

MemberZ Connect OJ James : Frequently Asked Questions

How is Memberz Connect different from other similar tools?
Other tools have only a few featuress and takes a lot of time and effort to get it to work, our tool has all the features requires,so you can quickly get setup and start getting results.

Is there training in the members area on how to use Memberz Connect ?
Yes! We have step by step video tutorials.

Is there a limit to the amount of membership or courses I can create ?
No you can create as many as you want 🙂

Do I have to install Memberz Connect on my website?
Yes. Memberz Connect is a wordpress plugin so you will need wordpress to use it.

Does Memberz Connect work on any WP theme?
Yes! Memberz Connect works is compatiable and works with any WP theme you like!

Is there an OTO or upgrades after I buy Memberz Connect ?
Yes there is, there is a Platinum version, , but they are optional, but we know some customers want more options so we included them for their purchase as well.

Is This A Lift-time Special Deal
No When You Purchase Today You will Get 1 Years Access With No Restrictions, after one year you may purchase the support but you will always have access. this way we will be able to keep supporting the tool to make it better for new upgrades and updates that we develop.

Incredibly LIMITED opening special. The reason you’re seeing this page and massive discount is that you’ve either stumbled across this page completely by chance or one of our close JV’s have sent you here. Either way, you’re lucky because this special won’t be available for long. If you’re thinking “Wow I can’t believe how much value is here” then I agree…you’re right! Even if you just use the Membership Site Builder technology you’d be easily getting your money’s worth within the first week! If not the first day! Think about it? Is having even just THAT feature worth $47? Let alone all of the additional special features we’ve also included. Of course it is! And you’ll have this Memberz Connect software and system working for you from Day #1 if you act FAST NOW…This opening discount will close down within the next few days of opening and the price will be raised in future to $297 at least.

That’s because this software… (like Apple releasing the first iPod) is ahead of it’s time! So giving up on this… scrolling away or deciding that you’ll come back later’ is like flushing money down the toilet. This is too big an opportunity to pass up! If you miss out on this launch promotion it’s like kissing good bye to your piece of the massive profit filled pie!…and all of the sales, leads of Memberz Connect…will go right into someone else’s pocket who got this system. So instead of letting that happen and feel regret, guilt and disappointment, get access to the Memberz Connect system right now, with the massive 89% grand opening discount, and our iron clad 100% 30 days refund guarantee. So get in now with the Smart A.I. Technology Which is ahead of its time. Incredibly Limited Launch Discount. You must act right now. I can’t wait to see you on the inside! You’re going to love this!

Download MemberZ Connect OJ James here :

MemberZ Connect OJ James Review and Bonus by OJ James – Best New membership & course builder Turns Visitors Into Loyal Buyers For Recurring Income – Copy & Profit From 30+ Done For You Affiliate Campaigns That TWO Marketers Use to Make $50,000 PER MONTH MemberZ Connect OJ James Review MemberZ Connect OJ James will sell like crazy most likely because you are being shown how to make quick and easy and free money. I can tell you that this will blow you away when you see how easy it is to make money! Instruction are written in a easy to read and quite easy to follow. MemberZ Connect OJ James Discount

download MemberZ Connect OJ James

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