Pheeders Membership Maker Upsell Review

Pheeders Membership Maker Review and Bonus by Kurt Melvin – easy-to-use website membership software PLUS a huge collection of unique resources, tips and training – Copy & Profit From 30+ Done For You Affiliate Campaigns That TWO Marketers Use to Make $50,000 PER MONTH

Pheeders Membership Maker Reviews

Before you buy another ebook, method, course, you need to know about Pheeders Membership Maker by Kurt Melvin – here is why

Pheeders Membership Maker is easy-to-use website membership software PLUS a huge collection of unique resources, tips and training for creating tons of products and content to sell in your memberships. Pheeders Membership Maker is a brand new plugin for the MYBB forum software (FREE) that connects the versatile membership features of a MYBB forum with the Warrior +Plus affiliate platform so you can get affiliates to promote your memberships and products for you. Why a Forum and Not a WordPress Blog or Membership Software? Quite a few reasons actually. One HUGE reason is: Content Created by Other People. This is the very essence of the biggest, baddest and most profitable sites on the Net. No doubt there’s some good options for creating memberships using a WordPress blog or membership scripts. But…if you want User Generated Content you need a forum.

Pheeders Membership Maker is very simply to apply and very suggested for Internet Marketers. Pheeders Membership Maker Review and Bonus by Kurt Melvin – easy-to-use website membership software PLUS a huge collection of unique resources, tips and training – Copy & Profit From 30+ Done For You Affiliate Campaigns That TWO Marketers Use to Make $50,000 PER MONTH is truly an outstanding product – Pheeders Membership Maker Review

Watch the demo Pheeders Membership Maker here :

Pheeders Membership Maker Review and Bonus by Kurt Melvin – easy-to-use website membership software PLUS a huge collection of unique resources, tips and training – Copy & Profit From 30+ Done For You Affiliate Campaigns That TWO Marketers Use to Make $50,000 PER MONTH

Pheeders Membership Maker Review

Pheeders Membership Maker review

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#1 It Makes You More Money
Your Pheeders Membership Maker hooks up with the WarriorPlus affiliate network so you can recruit affiliates to make more sales for you. An affiliate program vastly expands your options for getting influencers and others to promote for you. Pay ’em.

#2 Fast and Easy and Installation Saves Time and Aspirin
You can have your own potent and flexible membership site to sell your content and products up and running in minutes.

#3 Adds a Pheeders Affiliate Cycle To Multiply Your Results
Set up your Pheeders site so your customers also have access to affiliate tools and links to promote your forums, memberships and products. As they promote you, they’ll send you even more customers that can promote you. And don’t forget a thread dedicated to collecting testimonials. This is powerful marketing and it’s easy with Pheeders.

#4 Discover How to Create Lots of Products and Content for FREE
Having a membership site is the first step. You also need to stock your memberships with products and content so…you’re also getting a collection of product and content creation resources and training.

#5 Puts All the Power of MYBB in Your Control
Pheeders Membership Maker is a plugin that expands the free MYBB forum software. There’s all sorts of free templates and plugins available so you can totally customize your Pheeders site any way you want. If you have cPanel hosting you probably already have MYBB ready to install. If not, it’s a totally free download.

#6 Encourages User Generated Content
Content created by other people is what runs the biggest sites on the Net. This is an extremely valuable resource that is totally ignored by many.

#7 Low Budget Price and Big Marketing Power
Pheeders low one-time price is less than many other membership programs charge every single month and includes more marketing benefits than the other guys.

#8 Automated High Quality Social Media Marketing and Content
Another huge benefit of having a forum is that you can easily set up your Pheeders sites to automatically post the Twitter, FaceBook, WordPress, Tumblr and many other social sites every time someone creates a new thread on your forum. This is legit content that builds links and sends traffic and another BIG reason you want to encourage people to post with a forum.

#9 Greatly Expands the Potential of Your Blogs and Sites
If you already have a blog or site, why not add a Pheeders powered forum? It’s the perfect compliment and Installs in minutes and it a great way to turn your site’s visitors into your followers and get them coming back again and again.

#10 Awesome Customer Support and Download Manager
Not ready for a forum? If you sell any digital products, your Pheeders site is a quick and effective way to set up downloads and have a support platform in place with just a couple of clicks…with your own product affliliate program included.

Think about this…

  • Forums are specifically designed for people to your site to create content. They are made so people start their own threads, register, reply, vote on polls, etc.
  • Blogs are made for writers. Visitors come and go and many of the comments are from spam bots. There’s plenty of reasons to have a blog but for selling memberships and encouraging user generated content MYBB forums are much better.

Even More Reasons a MYBB Forum is Great for Marketers:

MYBB also has advanced marketing features already built in and ready to go like advanced polls, emails and private messaging.

  • Potent Email System Already Included fo FREE
    That’s right. Your MYBB can be it’s own email marketing system where you can target the people you send emails to, based on things like what User groups they’re belong in. And it’s already installed with your MYBB forum.
  • Handy and Versatile Private Message System
    As your own Pheeders MYBB forum owner, you can also control your forum’s private message system. You can broadcast messages to all users, certain groups…or use it as a private communication system for supporting clients and customers. Again, it’s ready-to-go with your MYBB forum.
  • Polls Are a Marketer’s Friend
    Want to know what products or content you should make next? Start a poll. Which logo do people like better? Start a poll. Polling is one of a marketers greatest tools and MYBB has a robust polling system already included for you.

Plus you can post on your forum just like a blog. Maybe the real question you should ask is…why a blog and not a forum? (BTW you should have BOTH and you don’t have to chose.)

And Because You Need to Stock Your Memberships with Products & Content You’re Also Getting All This:

  • Public Domain PrintShop Alone Sells
    Discover vast amounts of free things and how to use them to create lots of products you can sell.
  • POD Treasure Maps Alone Sells
    A guide to creating Print on Demand products like tees, mugs (and many many more) for a wide variety of niches.
  • King of Content 1 and 2 Alone Sells
    A unique collection of techniques and strategies for creating content that goes beyond just writing articles.

Plus You’re Getting the Custom Content Software RSS Riot

Very handy WIN software for access to great, always updating information across a wide spectrum of niches. Useful for your own info and entertainment as well as researching content. Whenever you need the freshest content, just fire up your RSS Riot softwar

And Exclusive Access to TWO Private Brainstorming and Advanced Strategy Forums

1. Kings and Queens of Content and Products (Private Membership Access)
Your getting access to updates and lots more resources and discussions about creating all sorts of content and product.

2. The Forum Phorum (Private Membership Access)
In the Forum Phorum we’ll talk about…forums. How to set them up, promote them, best plugins, running memberships, etc. Updates to your Pheeders Membership Maker and support are in this forum too.

Also in the Forum Phorum:
Big Custom Plugins Collection – A lot of MYBB plugins in one convenient upload saves you hours of time. This isn’t just a collection of random MYBB plugins. I’ve tested these together and they all work. And they’re all GPL/GNU, with licenses included, so we’re both totally legal.

Just One Example of the Power of Your Pheeders Membership Maker System:

Let’s say you want to have a forum about cars:

  • Using the ideas and resources you find in Public Domain PrintShop you create a collection of images using patents in the Public Domain for antique cars.
  • You package them up and include a “how to” print them at the highest quality on a home printer.
  • You add the download link to a private forum using your Pheeders Membership Maker.
  • Put the product for sale on WarriorPlus for about $7.95.
  • Pay affiliates 100% to encourage them to promote your offer.
  • This is the very best way to get influencers to promote you and get FREE buyer traffic.
  • Plus you can sell your antique car patent image collection yourself to your forum members and keep all the money.

And this isn’t limited to cars. You can do this same thing in niche after niche after niche.

Fast and Easy Installation Means Your Pheeders Membership Empire Sites Can Be Up & Running in Minutes!

Unlimited Paid Memberships
Create unlimited memberships including recurring subscriptions and single payments using affiliates to promote them for you.

Make and Sell a Variety of Digital Products
Because you need to stock your memberships with products you’ll uncover ideas and resources for Public Domain products you can use to make valuable products for free.

Discover the World of POD Products
Tee shirts, mugs and 100s more products with zero upfront investment. Perfect for a vast assortment of niches and a great way to expand your product line.

Fast and Easy Digital Product Download & Support System
Don’t want a forum just yet? It only takes a few minutes to set up a delivery and support system for your products.

Multiple Traffic Generation Tactics
Affiliate driven traffic, SEO, social media and more are all built into your Pheeders system.

Valuable Buyer Traffic
Affiliates promote using email. A big majority of their traffic is from BUYER lists, making this traffic the most valuable on the Net.

Autopilot Social Media Marketing
Easily set it up so every time someone starts a new thread they create new social media posts and tweets automatically.

Even More Advanced Marketing Features
Professional polling abilities, private message system, advanced email features and more are all included and ready to go.

Increases Your User Generate Content Too!

How Pheeders Works for You :

  • A person buys from a Warrior+Plus link, either your own link or an affiliate’s link.
  • After their purchase they are taken to a URL on your forum where their MYBB forum account has already created for them and they just need to enter their email address the first time they log in after their purchase.
  • Once they log with their email they are redirected to any page you want…which probably should be a forum page where they can access their download.
  • Your forum software also sends them an email with their Username and Password, which they will need to login after their first time.


  • Decent Web Hosting or the ability to move your forum site quickly when it starts getting active.
  • MYBB Forum 1.8.XX or better (Free)
    Note: You can literally install MyBB in about 3 minutes using Softaculous or Fantastico on cPanel. If you have cPanel for hosting, check it out.
  • Basic FTP or File Manager skills for things like uploading plugins and templates, etc.
  • Ability to create a MYSQL database for your forum if you are NOT using Softaculous or Fantasico and installing MYBB manually.
  • A Warrior+Plus account for Vendors to sell products and memberships and to find and pay affiliates to sell for you.
  • PayPal or Stripe for your Warrior+Plus account.
  • I’ll try to help when I can, but you need to get tech support for MYBB, Warrior+Plus, PayPal and Stripe directly from them.

Pheeders is a Mere Fraction the Cost of Other Memberships. And the Others Don’t Encourage User Generated Content or Show You How to Make Lots of Your Own Products for FREE. Everything Included. No upsells. No downsells. No BS. You agree that all Pheeders downloads, updates and support are handled through the forum. (You’ll be using the exact same Pheeders system you’re getting.)

It’s a robust combination of marketing tools, training and tips. It’s a plugin for MYBB software that hooks up with the Warrior+Plus affiliate platform so you can recruit affiliates to sell your memberships. Pheeders also includes a bunch of resources for creating products you can sell in your memberships using Public Domain content. The entire system and the way everything ties together is something everyone that wants to make money on the Net really needs to think about. I was totally suprised about all the ways you can use a forum for marketing and why a free forum is probably a lot better for helping your business than even a blog. And the one true secret ingrediant all of the most powerful sites on the Net is revealed on the sales page. The Pheeders regular price is less than you’d expect to pay for a single month for some affiliate programs and they don’t show you how to create your own quality products for free like Pheeders Membship Maker does.

Download Pheeders Membership Maker here :

Pheeders Membership Maker Review and Bonus by Kurt Melvin – easy-to-use website membership software PLUS a huge collection of unique resources, tips and training – Copy & Profit From 30+ Done For You Affiliate Campaigns That TWO Marketers Use to Make $50,000 PER MONTH Pheeders Membership Maker Review Pheeders Membership Maker will sell like crazy most likely because you are being shown how to make quick and easy and free money. I can tell you that this will blow you away when you see how easy it is to make money! Instruction are written in a easy to read and quite easy to follow. Pheeders Membership Maker Discount

download Pheeders Membership Maker

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