Quitting Your Addiction to Stress PLR by Tiffany Lambert Review and Bonus

Quitting Your Addiction to Stress PLR Review and Bonus by Tiffany Lambert – Consequences for Failing to Break Your Stress Addiction, Analyze Where Your Stress Stems From – Copy & Profit From 30+ Done For You Affiliate Campaigns That TWO Marketers Use to Make $50,000 PER MONTH

Quitting Your Addiction to Stress PLR venx by Tiffany Lambert Review

Quitting Your Addiction to Stress PLR by Tiffany Lambert is best product

Stress is something that affects people in different ways. For some, it’s nothing more than an occasional nuisance – while for others, it’s a major health concern that sabotages them relentlessly. Tiffany Lambert has just launched a brand new bundle of PLR called Quitting Your Addiction to Stress. She took one of her niche starter pack outlines and fully fleshed out the content into a full, brand new product for you! The new bundle has a full eBook, bonus report, lead magnet, email autoresponder series, articles and product reviews – over 50 pages at over 60% off during her 5-day sale! She also has an exclusive deal on the upgrade option if you want to add on that option – a bundle of 22 related content packs from her store with over 450 pages worth $469 and she’s marked it down over 94% off.

Dear Niche Marketer: It sounds strange, but did you know you can get addicted to stress? It’s true! Your body’s response to negative situations actually provides you with the adrenaline to push through, and for those who feel intimidated by daunting tasks or events, letting stress elevate them to a place of action is helpful! The problem is, that constant surge of cortisol eventually does damage to a person’s body, and they then find themselves unable to cope or exist without it. They don’t work on alleviating stress because it’s all they know. I’ve released a full content funnel that helps you cater to people struggling with their hidden addiction to stress, and you get a full eBook, two short reports, an email autoresponder series, articles and product reviews – all at just over $0.32 per page during this sale. My new bundle, called Quitting Your Addiction to Stress was derived from a health niche starter pack outline I released previously, where I only gave buyers an outline of topics that should go into their funnel. Instead of just an outline, I decided to go ahead and fully flesh out the content in full for you – so you don’t have to write a word if you choose not to.

Quitting Your Addiction to Stress PLR Review and Bonus by Tiffany Lambert – Consequences for Failing to Break Your Stress Addiction, Analyze Where Your Stress Stems From – Copy & Profit From 30+ Done For You Affiliate Campaigns That TWO Marketers Use to Make $50,000 PER MONTH will give you a lot of benefit.

Download Quitting Your Addiction to Stress PLR here :

Quitting Your Addiction to Stress PLR Review and Bonus by Tiffany Lambert – Consequences for Failing to Break Your Stress Addiction, Analyze Where Your Stress Stems From – Copy & Profit From 30+ Done For You Affiliate Campaigns That TWO Marketers Use to Make $50,000 PER MONTH Quitting Your Addiction to Stress PLR Review

Quitting Your Addiction to Stress PLR review

Quitting Your Addiction to Stress PLR

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Quitting Your Addiction to Stress PLR OTO / Upsell :

Front End:

This bundle of content is different from my usual article bundles. This time, I’ve taken an outline from one of my niche starter packs, and fully fleshed out the content into a completed eBook, bonus report, lead magnet, email autoresponder series, articles and product reviews. It includes the following:

Main eBook Title: Quitting Your Addiction to Stress

This 23-page, 10,082-word eBook starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

Chapter 1: What Does It Mean to Be Addicted to Stress?
Chapter 2: Consequences for Failing to Break Your Stress Addiction
Chapter 3: Analyze Where Your Stress Stems From
Chapter 4: Figure Out What You Can Quit Cold Turkey
Chapter 5: Curb Your Public Complaining
Chapter 6: Replace Bad Stress Habits with Good Ones
Chapter 7: Does Stress Give You Permission to Indulge?
Chapter 8: Interrupting Your Usual Stress Reactions
Chapter 9: Learning to Live a Stress-Free Life
Chapter 10: Keep an Eye Out for Old Habits

Bonus Report: Let Exercise Soothe Your Stress Addiction

This 6-page, 2,575-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

– Cortisol Versus Endorphins
– It Doesn’t Take Much to Make a Big Difference
– Cardio Stress Busters
– Active Fun – a Two-Fer Stress Buster
– Calming Exercise to Defeat Stress

Lead Magnet: Is Stress Wrecking Your Life?

This 6-page, 2,536-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

– Do You Constantly Feel Like You Just Want to Get Away?
– Are You Taking It Out on Others?
– Are You So Frazzled You Can’t See a Way Out?
– Are You Starting to See Physical Symptoms?
– Has Stress Become Your Norm?

7-Part Email Autoresponder Series:

Email #1: Not All Stress Is Bad – 468 words
Email #2: How Much Stress Is Tolerable? – 537 words
Email #3: How Many Stress Relievers Have You Tried? – 489 words
Email #4: Tackling Stress Requires a Varied Approach – 481 words
Email #5: Stress Is Nothing to Be Ashamed Of – 423 words
Email #6: Get Ready to Confront Your Emotions – 504 words
Email #7: Are You Ready to Live a Less-Stressed Life? – 505 words


#1 – Stress Can Cause Obesity to Spiral Out of Control – 453 words
#2 – Is Your Hair Thinning Due to Stress? – 472 words
#3 – Stress Can Worsen Diabetes Symptoms – 476 words
#4 – Stress Will Defeat Your Anti Aging Efforts – 460 words
#5 – Can Stress Cause Digestive Issues? – 488 words

Product Reviews:

#1 – Standing Desk – 441 words
#2 – Primal Stress – 485 words
#3 – Brilliant Yoga – 453 words
#4 – Emotional Freedom Technique Tutorial Videos – 457 words
#5 – I Heart Hypnosis – 501 words

One Time Offer:

I always like to give customers the chance to add on additional, related content. This upgrade is packed with great content for the self help and personal development niches. It’s a package of separate 22 packs of PLR with over 460 pages of content worth $469 on my store – and your buyers get it for over 94% off during the launch process. It will bump up to $97 after the sale ends, so your buyers will still get a good deal and your links will stay intact. Here’s what’s in the pack:

Triple Threat of Stress FE

Body Articles

– Stress Contributes to Pain in Your Body – 463 words
– Your Sex Drive Can Be Erased from Too Much Stress – 487 words
– Stomach Issues Arise Often from Chronic Stress – 478 words
– Hair Loss Takes Root When Stress Sets in – 461 words
– Energy Levels Plummet with Ongoing Stress – 461 words

Mood Articles

– Stress Can Makes You Feel Nervous and Anxious – 468 words
– People Who Stress More Have a Hard Time Relaxing – 472 words
– Lack of Motivation Is a Direct Result of Too Much Stress – 495 words
– If You Lack Patience, Stress Relief Might Be the Solution – 475 words
– Feeling Down Can Be a Thing of the Past When You Learn Stress Relief – 468 words

Behavior Articles

– Do You Turn to Drugs or Alcohol When Stress Sets In? – 475 words
– Eating Issues Can Arise from Periods of Great Stress – 463 words
– Have You Been in Hiding Because Social Stress Is Just Too Much? – 466 words
– Exercise Avoidance Is Common with People Suffering from Stress – 492 words
– The Blame Game Won’t Help You Solve Your Stress Issues – 508 words

Report #1: Stress-Induced Insomnia Is a Brutal Cycle

This is a 5-page, 2,090-word report that starts with an introduction and then covers:

– Causes of Stress-Induced Insomnia
– Symptoms and Risks of Stress-Induced Insomnia
– Treatments for Stress-Induced Insomnia
– Prevention Techniques for Stress-Induced Insomnia

Report #2: A 2-Step Process to Heal from Mental Stress

This is a 5+ page, 2,150-word report that starts with an introduction and then covers:

– Medical Issues that Could Be Causing Mental Stress
– Signs of Medical-Related Mental Stress
– Emotional and Lifestyle Causes of Mental Stress
– Coping with Mental Stress
– How to Prevent Mental Stress

Report #3: Handling Your Stress Is Crucial to Maintaining Your Relationships

This is a 5+ page, 2,104-word report that starts with an introduction and then covers:

– How Stress Affects Your Behavior
– How Stress Impacts You and Others
– When Stress Strikes – Dealing with It
– How to Maintain Boundaries Between Work and Personal Life

Triple Threat of Stress OTO 1

20 Articles

1. Get Your Cortisol Tested for Treatment – 448 words
2. Recognize When Social Networks Are Causing You Stress – 423 words
3. Apps That Help Alleviate Stress – 420 words
4. How Pets Can Help You Keep Stress at Bay – 413 words
5. Avoiding Travel Stress So You Can Enjoy Life – 423 words
6. Is Stress Contagious? – 415 words
7. The Best Scents to Reduce Stress – 425 words
8. How Art Therapy Helps You Overcome Stress – 410 words
9. Swearing Helps People Let Off Stress Steam – 430 words
10. Stress Is Causing Some People to Lose Their Hearing – 412 words
11. Too Much Stimulation Is a Breeding Ground for Stress – 410 words
12. Teaching Kids to Learn Stress Management Early – 416 words
13. Foods That Have Stress Relieving Benefits – 454 words
14. The Most Prominent Stress Factors for Each Age Group – 437 words
15. Revise Your Language to Eliminate Stress – 452 words
16. Have You Cultivated a Stress-Filled Life? – 483 words
17. Don’t Just Distract Yourself from Stress Temporarily – 419 words
18. Does Stress Cause Your Face to Break Out? – 437 words
19. Signs You’re Stressed and You Don’t Even Know It – 425 words
20. How Weighted Blankets Get Rid of Stress – 412 words

eBook: Unusual Ways to Manage Your Stress

This 20-page, 8,516-word eBook covers the following topics:

Chapter 1: Set Aside Time for Intentional Stress
Chapter 2: Isolate Yourself from Others
Chapter 3: Find a Break Room
Chapter 4: Take Up Dance Movement Therapy
Chapter 5: Tap into Your Inner Tween with Stress Relieving Slime
Chapter 6: Listen to or Watch Some ASMR
Chapter 7: Engage in Mindful Chores
Chapter 8: Befriend Your Stress
Chapter 9: Find a Fractal and Focus on It!
Chapter 10: Play a Prank or Do a Good Deed

Four 5-Page Reports

Report #1: Innovations in Stress Relief

This 5+ page, 1,965-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

– Bilateral Alternating Stimulation
– Biofeedback Devices
– Guided Stress Relief Apps
– Fisher-Wallace Stimulator
– Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Report #2: Mastering the Art of Letting Go

This 5+ page, 2,192-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

– Refusing to Let Go Is Like Poisoning Yourself Slowly
– Five Things You Should Let Go of for Stress Relief
– Allow Yourself to Go Through Emotions
– Learn That Forgiveness Doesn’t Mean They Got Away with Anything
– Channel Your Distress Into Something Positive

Report #3: Turn a Stressful Activity Into an Enjoyable One

This 6-page, 2,625-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

– Traveling on Your Daily Commute
– Spending Time with People Who Stress You Out
– Exercising for Health and Fitness
– After Work Chores
– Pursuing a Higher Level in Your Career

Report #4: Design a Home With Less Stress in Mind

This 6+ page, 2,705-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

– Visual Cues That Remind You of Happy Moments
– Have a Place to Store Technology
– Cozy Spots for Rest and Relaxation
– Don’t Ignore the Ambiance of Your Bedroom
– Bring Elements of Nature Into Your Home

Stress Is Killing You

Report #1 – Fight Stress with Lifestyle Alterations

This report is 5 pages and 1,971 words in length. After a short introduction, it covers:

– Eliminate and Modify Your Plans
– Control Stress By Controlling Your Diet
– Let Your Endorphins Snuff Out Stress for Good
– Improve Your Sleep and Watch Stress Dissipate
– Indulge in Self Care to Tame Terrible Stress

Report #2 – Controlling Job Stress

This report is 6 pages and 2,503 words in length. After a short introduction, it covers:

– Common Things That Stress Workers Out
– Managing Your Time Better at Work
– Learn Better Communication Skills
– Reducing Stress on the Job

Report #3 – Reframing Stress with NLP and EFT

This report is 6 and a half pages and 2,652 words in length. After a short introduction, it covers:

– Take Away the Power Stress Has Over You
– What Does It Mean to Reframe Stress?
– Using NLP to Help You Manage Stress
– How EFT Can Offer You Peace and Calm

Report #4 – Stress Is a Serious Danger to Your Health

This is a 5-page, 1,789-word report that starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

– Stress Can Literally Break Your Heart
– Stress Devastates Your Immune System
– Your Digestive System Takes a Beating
– Stress Causes Physical Pain
– Fatigue from Stress Wears You Down
– Stress Evolves Into Full-Blown Depression
– Insomnia Will Develop Due to Deep Stress
– Stress Plays Games with Your Memory
– Hair Loss Is a Sign of Chronic Stress
– Stress Can Result in Premature Labor
– Skin Disorders Flare Up Under Stress
– Stress Ages You Much Too Early

Gardening for Stress Relief FE

Main eBook: 28-page, 11,358-word eBook: “Gardening for Stress Relief”

– Chapter 1 – The Problem with Unnatural Stress Relievers
– Chapter 2 – How Gardening Helps You Get a Good Night’s Sleep
– Chapter 3 – Gardening Plays a Role in Your Stress Eating Habits
– Chapter 4 – Use Gardening to Achieve Mental Relaxation
– Chapter 5 – Gardening to Boost Your Immune System During Stress

Bonus Report: 5+ page, 2,292-word report “Stress Relieving Gardening Techniques”

– Hydroponic Gardening – A Year-Round, Relaxing Hobby
– Container Gardening – Little Effort with Big Results
– Tower Gardening for Small Spaces
– Raised Bed Gardening Can Lower Health Risks
– Bottle Gardening – More Than Decoration

Opt in or Viral Report: 5 page, 2,020-word report – Superfoods That Fight Stress

– How “Going Green” Relieves Stress
– A Handful of Berries Chases the Blues Away
– Beat Stress with Beets
– Garlic – An Ancient and Effective Remedy for Stress
– Sweet Potatoes Can Satisfy Your Urge for Sweets and Reduce Stress

Sales Copy: Still need to do!

– 5 pages

Email Autoresponders: Series on Health Hazards of Stress

– Grow Foods That Alleviate High Blood Pressure Caused By Stress – 523 words
– When Stress Causes Headaches, Eat These Foods from Your Garden – 524 words
– When Stress Causes Blood Sugar Spikes, Treat It Naturally with These Foods – 523 words
– If Stress Has You Down and Depressed, Let the Right Foods Come to Your Rescue – 497 words
– Gardening Helps Dieters Shed Fat During Stressful Times – 506 words

Articles or Blog Posts

– Plants That Offer Maximum Stress Relief – 443 words
– Herbs You Can Grow That Help Alleviate Stress – 436 words
– 3 Types of Gardens You Can Grow to Combat Stress – 535 words
– Allowing Gardening to Calm Your Senses – 472 words
– The Physical Reward to Using Gardening as a Stress Reliever – 531 words
– Tap Into Your Spiritual Side By Using Gardening to Alleviate Stress – 538 words
– Soak Up Nature’s Stress Diminishing Vitamins When Gardening Outdoors – 525 words
– Say Goodbye to Anti-Depressants When You Commit to Gardening Long Term – 483 words
– Raise Your Serotonin Levels and Decrease Stress By Digging in the Dirt – 485 words
– Stress Soars When You Age, So Fight Back Through Gardening – 516 words

Product Reviews

– Earth Tower Vertical Garden – 482 words
– Garden Gloves for Women – 434 words
– GardenHOME Folding Stool – 437 words
– Gardman 4 Tier Mini Greenhouse – 489 words
– Heirloom Vegetable Garden Seed Collection – 437 words
– Miracle Gro AeroGarden – 460 words
– Sloggers Women’s Wide Brim Braided Sun Hat with Wind Lanyard – 467 words
– Slow Gardening: A No-Stress Philosophy for All Senses and All Seasons – 470 words
– Suncast Portable Outdoor Gardening Center – 494 words
– The Week-By-Week Vegetable Gardener’s Handbook: Make the Most of Your Growing Season – 464 words

Gardening for Stress Relief OTO


1. Bring Nature Into Your Home with an Indoor Garden – 447 words
2. Fragrant Plants for Your Garden That Relieve Stress – 461 words
3. Vitamin D Contributes to a Better Mood – 467 words
4. Turn Off Technology and Let Gardening Usher in Peace and Calm – 467 words
5. Creating an Outdoor Haven Free from Stress – 446 words
6. Choosing the Best Pots and Planters for Your Garden – 601 words
7. Gardening Provides Low Impact Exercise for Less Stress – 441 words
8. Elder Caregivers Find Gardening Helps Dementia Patients with Stress – 444 words
9. Gardening Provides Socialization for Those Suffering from Isolation – 439 words
10. Gardening Is a Constructive Outlet for Anger and Frustration – 457 words
11. Don’t Let Gardening Add More Stress to Your Life – 535 words
12. Micro Gardening Is the Perfect Task for Beginners with Stress – 564 words
13. 5 Herbs That Help You Say Goodbye to Stress – 513 words
14. Alleviate Money Stress By Growing Your Own Food – 556 words
15. Gardening for Stress Relief Must Be Approached the Right Way – 533 words
16. Gardening Helps Students Who Are Too Stressed Out – 506 words
17. Nurturing the Growth of Plants Helps Put Stress Into Perspective – 564 words
18. Gardening Is Proven to Reduce Physical Fatigue – 538 words
19. Just 30 Minutes a Day Once a Week of Gardening Reduces Stress Levels – 550 words
20. Composting Basics for a Stress-Free, Organic Garden – 541 words

Four Short Reports

1. Setting Up Your Stress Relieving Garden

This 6-page, 2,562-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers:

– The Best Place to Set Up Your Garden
– How to Easily Set Up a Stress Relieving Garden to Gain Tranquility
– Planting Vegetables in a Stress Relieving Garden
– Growing Fruit in Your Garden
– Flowers for a Stress Relieving Garden

2. What You Need to Know to Nurture the Plants You Grow

This 6-page, 2,436-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers:

– What You Need to Know about Gardening to Grow Healthy Plants
– Recognizing When Something is Wrong in Your Garden
– Pests You Need to Watch Out For to Protect Your Plants
– Nurturing Plants Nurtures You

3. Understanding the Growing Seasons for Your Stress-Free Garden

This 6-page, 2,464-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers:

– Preventing Failure
– How to Foresee Problems in Your Garden
– The Basics You Need to Ensure Growth During the Growing Season
– The Tools You Need for a Successful Growing Season

4. Protecting Your Plants from the Stress of Pests

This 6-page, 2,438-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers:

– Plants Fight Stress Like People Do
– Identifying the Pests in Your Life and Garden
– Fighting the Pests Attacking You
– How to Help Protect Plants and Yourself From Pests

Gardening for Stress Relief DS

#1: Building a Simple Greenhouse for Stress-Free Gardening

This 5+ page, 2,192-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers:

– Materials Needed to Build a Greenhouse
– Size and Location for Your Greenhouse
– Ventilating Your Greenhouse
– The Heating System for Your Greenhouse
– Irrigation for Your Greenhouse

#2: Organic Gardening with Water and Fish

This 5+ page, 2,129-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers:

– Why Aquaponic Gardening Works
– What Kind of Fish Can You Use?
– What You Get Out of Gardening with Water and Fish
– How Much Work Is Involved?
– What Kind of Yield You Can Expect

#3: Protect Your Family from Pesticides By Growing Organic

This 5+ page, 2,355-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers:

– GMOs Will Erode Your Health
– Food Supply in a Crisis
– Staying in Charge of What You Eat
– The System You Need to Use
– Saving the Food You Grow

#4: The Easiest Way to Grow All the Food You Need

This 5+ page, 2,276-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers:

– The Key Is in the Set Up
– Growing Food Doesn’t Take Back-Breaking Work
– Dealing with Pests
– Fertilizing Your Garden
– The Garden that Regenerates

Depression PLR

1. Help for Depression – 441 words
2. Anxiety Depression Is a Common Disorder – 450 words
3. Depression and Anxiety Require Different Treatments – 471 words
4. Depression Treatment Options – 400 words
5. Top Five Depression Symptoms – 437 words
6. When You’re Diagnosed with Depression – 422 words
7. Additional Depression Help – 545 words
8. How to Recognize Depression Signs – 463 words
9. Test Your Symptoms With an Online Depression Test – 484 words
10. The Manic Nature of Bipolar Depression – 453 words
11. Understanding the Symptoms of Depression – 435 words
12. Could You Be Living With Severe Depression – 444 words
13. Depression Causes Could Be a Combination of Things – 446 words
14. Depression Children Can Be Treated Successfully – 444 words
15. How Is Clinical Depression Different from Sadness – 463 words
16. The Symptoms of Major Depression – 430 words
17. Depression Books Can Help You Recover – 448 words
18. Elderly Depression Could Be Caused by Illnesses or Disabilities – 473 words
19. Overcome Depression and Be Happy Again – 452 words
20. Treat Depression Naturally – 441 words
21. Complications of Chronic Depression – 416 words
22. Depression Self Help and Coping Techniques – 485 words
23. Managing Stress Depression – 456 words
24. Parental Support Crucial to Prevent Teenage Depression – 463 words
25. What Causes Pregnancy Depression – 438 words

Panic Away Affiliate Reviews PLR

1. Finally There’s Help for People Who Suffer From Panic Attacks – 456 words
2. Anxiety Panic Attacks Don’t Have to Rule Your Life Anymore – 452 words
3. Panic Disorder Isn’t All in Your Head – 452 words
4. Anxiety Panic Attacks Can Wreak Havoc on Your Life – 459 words
5. Panic Symptoms and How to Tame the Anxiety in Your Life – 529 words
6. Here’s a Helpful Panic Treatment for Those With Unusual Levels of Anxiety – 455 words
7. Can You Cure Panic Attacks With Treatment? – 458 words

Self Care and Coping

1. When Self Care Turns Into Sabotage – 445 words
2. Self Care Doesn’t Mean Shelling Out a Lot of Money – 441 words
3. Does Self Care Make You Feel Selfish? – 474 words
4. Important 2019 Trends in Self Care – 432 words
5. Why Organization Might Be the Single Self Care Tip You Need – 443 words
6. How Many Minutes Do You Need for Self Care? – 451 words
7. Flip Your Negative Mindset to Maximize Your Self Care Routine – 427 words
8. How Gardening Can Soothe Your Soul and Your Sanity – 489 words
9. How Helping Others Can Actually Help You Take Care of Yourself – 419 words
10. Everyone’s Idea of Self Care Is Unique – 526 words
11. Coping with a Divorce – 548 words
12. Coping with a Death – 540 words
13. Coping with Change – 517 words
14. Coping with Politics – 515 words
15. Coping with a Breakup – 545 words
16. Coping with Difficult People – 511 words
17. Coping with Financial Stress – 496 words
18. Coping with Job Stress – 529 words
19. Coping with Loneliness – 431 words
20. Coping with Getting Older – 498 words
21. Coping with Panic Attacks – 457 words
22. Coping with PTSD – 497 words
23. Coping with Uncertainty – 497 words
24. Coping with Chronic Pain – 462 words
25. Coping with Fatigue – 458 words

Empower Yourself By Blogging FE

1. Use a Blog to Problem Solve Your Way to Success – 479 words
2. Set and Achieve Goals By Becoming a Proficient Blogger – 431 words
3. Build Emotional Stability with Blog Affirmations – 433 words
4. Digital Journals Alleviate Stress – 426 words
5. Use Blogging to Harness a More Mindful Life – 442 words
6. Blog Journals Are Therapeutic and Empowering – 411 words
7. Blogging Allows You to Heal from Emotional Trauma – 409 words
8. Highlight Positivity and Banish the Blues By Blogging – 400 words
9. Organized Blog Thoughts Cut Through the Chaos of Confusion – 410 words
10. Coping with Chronic Stress Through a Blog – 500 words
11. Pinpoint Healthy Behaviors with Blog Posts – 429 words
12. Boost Your Odds of Success with a Blog – 411 words
13. Transform Your Outlook on Life By Blogging – 488 words
14. Journaling Techniques Take on a Digital Format – 408 words
15. Cut Cortisol Levels Dramatically By Blogging – 420 words
16. Set Actionable Goals Using a Blog as Your Platform for Commitment – 452 words
17. Engage in a Self-Care Routine with a Digital Blog – 458 words
18. Take Charge of Your Well Being with a Personal Blog – 401 words
19. Blogs Allow You to Communicate Your Emotions Clearly – 404 words
20. Express Your Thoughts and Desires with a Blog – 421 words
21. A Blog Keeps You from Bottling Up Your Emotions – 416 words
22. Blogging Puts Your Problems Into Perspective – 448 words
23. Harness a Feeling of Calm with Consistent Blogging – 415 words
24. Reflecting on Past Blog Entries Allows for Personal Growth – 437 words
25. Give Rise to Your Dreams in a Blog that You Built – 420 words
26. Blogs Enable Breakthroughs If You Allow Them To – 406 words
27. Blogging Gives You a Break from a Busy Lifestyle – 440 words
28. Reset Your Mind with a Blog Routine – 466 words
29. Meditate Before Blogging to Improve the Process – 420 words
30. Shine the Spotlight on Your Struggles with a Blog – 407 words
31. Banish Distractions When You Blog for Personal Growth – 400 words
32. Blog Time Should Be Reserved for Deep Reflection – 423 words
33. Don’t Be Afraid to Take Your Blog in a New Direction – 402 words
34. Creating Private Blog Posts for Sensitive Issues – 458 words
35. Download Your Thoughts and Achieve Peace By Blogging – 407 words

Empower Yourself By Blogging OTO 1

5-Page Lead Magnet Report: Blogging: A Life Hack for Mental Health

Enrich Your Life By Blogging for an Audience
Share Your Struggles and How You Overcame Them
Public Blogging Gives You a New Perspective on Life
Altruistic Blogging Benefits Your Emotional Well Being
Therapeutic Blog Journals Help You Navigate Life’s Rough Patches

Email Series

Presell Email #1: Who Is a Good Candidate for Blog Journaling?
Presell Email #2: What Constitutes an Effective Form of Digital Therapy?
Presell Email #3: Where Can You Create a Blog to Cater to Your Emotional Well Being?
Presell Email #4: Why More Men and Women of All Ages Are Blogging for Therapy
Presell Email #5: How to Let Go of Stress and Embrace Your Voice of Empowerment
Post-Sale Email #1: It’s Time to Develop Confidence in Your Blog Voice
Post-Sale Email #2: Tools of the Trade That Can Help Your Blog Thrive
Post-Sale Email #3: Personal Growth Strategy for Blogging the Right Way
Post-Sale Email #4: Tips You Can Use to Expand Your Blog Audience
Post-Sale Email #5: 3 Ways You Can Develop Your Blog’s Branding

30 Page eBook: Empower Yourself By Blogging

Chapter 1: The Healing Power of Blog Journals
Chapter 2: Blogs Provide You with Public Support
Chapter 3: Your Blog Is Your Platform for Igniting Change
Chapter 4: Setting Up Your Blog for Public Viewing
Chapter 5: Generating Ideas for Blog Journal Topics
Chapter 6: Attracting an Audience for Engagement on Your Blog
Chapter 7: Adding Multi Media to Your Blog
Chapter 8: Generating Profits from Your Blog Journal

Sales Copy

The text of the complete 5-page sales copy you can use to promote sales of the eBook on a platform of your choice, complete with:

Call to Action
Post Scripts

Product Reviews

Effortless Journaling
Start with Why
Do. Lead. Share Your Vision
The Science of Influence
Blogging for Dummies
How to Blog
Everybody Writes
Lifestyle Blogging Basics
Communicate to Influence
Story Smart


eBook eCover with .png, .jpg and .psd files
Lead Magnet Report eCover with .png, .jpg and .psd files

The Emotional Impact of Menopause

1. Hormonal Changes That Rule Your Emotions During Menopause – 458 words
2. Is Menopause Making You Irritable or Depressed? – 509 words
3. Lack of Sleep During Menopause Sways Your Moods – 456 words
4. Managing Strong Mood Swings When You’re in Menopause – 474 words
5. Stress Management Is Key to Handling the Emotional Impact of Menopause – 461 words

Making the Most of Meditation

5-page report (2,093 words) with the following sections (and yes, you can break it up into articles/blogs/email autoresponders if you prefer):

Getting Into Position (covers The Lotus, the Half Lotus, Crossed Legs and Lying Do

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