Social Video Ads Upsell Review

Social Video Ads Review and Bonus by cham altatis – DISCOVER How You Can AUTOMATE FB Video Ads & Get EVERGREEN & CONSISTENT Leads & Sales FAST

Social Video Ads Reviews

Before you buy another ebook, method, course, you need to know about Social Video Ads by cham altatis – here is why

Social Video Ads is my fully updated AUTOMATED & EVERGREEN Facebook video ad system for different different types of offers – high ticket programs, low ticket, & ecommerce. The new “Instant Experience” FB ad feature, where the ad, lead generation and sales can all happen within facebook itself, is also included.

Social Video Ads is very simply to apply and very suggested for Internet Marketers. Social Video Ads Review and Bonus by cham altatis – DISCOVER How You Can AUTOMATE FB Video Ads & Get EVERGREEN & CONSISTENT Leads & Sales FAST is truly an outstanding product – Social Video Ads Review

Watch the demo Social Video Ads here :

Social Video Ads Review and Bonus by cham altatis – DISCOVER How You Can AUTOMATE FB Video Ads & Get EVERGREEN & CONSISTENT Leads & Sales FAST

Social Video Ads Review

Social Video Ads review

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AUTOMATED FB Video Ad System!

  • HIGH Ticket Video Ad Automation
  • Ecommerce Video Ad Automation
  • “Instant Experience” Ad Automation
  • FB Video Ad Creation
  • And MORE!

Social Video Ads Benefits :

  • Various FB video ad strategies (each one can be a course in its own)
  • Beginner and advanced tips in running video ads on Facebook
  • Applicable to any niche (digital products, physical products, local business, affiliate marketing, ecommerce, etc.)

Ways On How Social Video Ads Will Boost Your Business

  • Get FAST results, without having to rely on SEO and crazy algorithm changes
  • GROW your social following and widen your reach to attract more people who are VERY interested with your offers
  • Create almost set and forget AUTOMATED campaigns that can give you results in many months to come, even if you’re away.
  • ?EASILY retarget your video viewers and website visitors to make them come back and grab your offers
  • ?Become an instant AUTHORITY in your niche by reaching out to your target audience and make them LOVE what you can offer to them
  • ?If you want, you can even build your own FB video ad agency, and offer this as a service to business owners!

So How Does Social Video Ads DIFFER from the Rest?

  • Shows various strategies applicable to various niches
  • Detailed step-by-step (nothing is hidden) REAL campaign video ad setup
  • Includes professional video creation lessons
  • Continually updated and expanded
  • VERY approachable teacher that you can always contact whenever you get stuck

Social Video Ads Modules :

Before even running your ad campaign, you first need to learn about the “flows” which are the general game plans. This way, you’re not just giving money to Mark Zuckerberg and then crossing your fingers, hoping and praying that your ads will work. And because some of you might be using the FB ad platform for the first time, I also added the basics such as creating your FB page and Business Manager account inside – plus on how to get access to your partner’s or client’s page/s as well (great if you want to provide this as a service).

Okay, I know you already saw this word gazillion times and it might already bore you. But really, if you want to have a very successful ad campaign, you need to do a proper research. Here, I also showed how to “spy” on the currently winning ads so you don’t have to “reinvent the wheel” by having to do the guess work and test a lot of things. All you have to do is copy what is working and apply them in your own ads.

Ah, this module is just GOLD! This is actually the secret that gurus are hiding from you. Here, you can learn how to setup automated video ad campaigns for high ticket type of products. And when I say “automate,” I really mean setting things up once then you can go on vacation and the ad will be running for you, giving you results while doing whatever you want!

If you do dropshipping or anything ecommerce, this module is for you. I’ve been playing with ads for my Shopify store lately and I’m literally getting sales while attending conferences, sending my daughter to school, or just doing my day to day activities. Here, you can learn to automation your video ads for ecommerce and get consistent results as well.

Instant Experience is a relatively new feature in Facebook ads where you can set things up and all the transactions (like signing up or buying products) happen within Facebook itself. I’m guessing this the future of Facebook ads and so it’s a great idea to learn about it and implement it as early as possible.

Once you have your automated video ad campaigns up and running, you can actually skyrocket your success by scaling things up and by retargeting your audience. This is the FASTEST way to grow your results online!

Social Video Ads Bonuses :

UpVid is my ultimate collection of video templates, animations, stocks, and also has mini-courses. This is normally for a $27 per month subscription but you can have a free access to it for 30 days (you can already download a lot of assets during those days). After the trial, you have the option to either cancel or continue your subscription.

With over 500 million daily active users, you can no longer ignore Instagram. In this module, you are also going to learn how to run ads for IG and target the users of this platform.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to gain passive income, on top of your own business. In this module, you’re going to learn how to search for high converting affiliate offers and on how to prepare your video ads for them.

Messenger ad is getting HOTTER and HOTTER these days. While I’m not saying that it replaces email marketing, it’s surely is a great addition to it. With a much higher open rates and click thru rates, you can never miss Messenger anymore. And here, you will learn how to do this with the other strategies I showed in this program.

Social Video Ads Testimony

Not only is Cham a skilled video marketer but he is one of the most transparent and ethical marketers I know. Social Video Ads is a superb step by step guide on how to successfully run Facebook Video Ads and I cannot recommend it highly enough. – ADAM PAYNE, VIDEO MARKETER/YOUTUBE EXPERT

Running Facebook Ads campaign can be intimidating…it’s easy to get lost and end up dumping money into a giant hole with all the different options and possible strategies… Unless you have the right instructor. Cham Altatis practices what he preaches, and not only he knows from experience what works, but he also gets to avoid all fluff and useless information, keeping you focused on what you really need to know in order to make the training work! That makes Social Video Ads probably the most comprehensive (therefore effective) training on how to run FB Video Ads out there. Do yourself a favour and stop jumping from one strategy to another…Pick this up and take action on something that works, you will not regret! – ?Angel Corman, ?Graphic designer and Video Maker

Step by step, well prepared materials for leveraging the power of Social media the easy way. Amazing stuff Cham. – ?Kayd Yonis, Internet Marketer

?I have been following Cham’s training courses since he first launched the Cinemagraph training that actually told the marketing community about it’s existence. He makes concepts simple and fun to learn and I am a big believer in the products he puts out there. Social Videos Ads is an amazing course and I am using the learnings right now in my business. – Niranjan Pradhan, Video Marketer

Cham has been a great help for me in running video ad campaigns, since I started my real estate career. Through his help, I was able to sell multiple real estate properties. So if he is revealing his techniques, better listen to him. Social Video Ads is packed with amazing strategies you shouldn’t miss. – Chayne Moling, Real Estate Broker & Appraiser

So Let’s Recap the Things You Can Get Inside…

  • 6 Modules showing various Facebook video ad strategies
  • Facebook video ad creation
  • 4 AMAZING Bonuses

If you were to see the VALUE of these things separately, it will be as follows:

  • HIGH Ticket Offer Automation
  • Ecommerce Automation
  • Instant Experience Automation
  • Scaling & Retargeting


I’m 100% confident that you’re going to LOVE Social Video Ads. But if within 30 days, you’ll not get anything from these at all, just contact me and I’ll refund your money with no questions asked.

Social Video Ads : ?FAQ

Q Is this newbie friendly?
Yes sure it is! You can watch me over the shoulder showing all the steps (nothing hidden) so you can literally follow along and learn all the strategies I’m showing.

Q Can you guarantee my success?
As long as you apply the strategies inside, your success is 99.9% guaranteed. But if you just watch the training videos and do nothing, of course nothing will happen as well.

Q Do I need a BIG budget to apply the strategies?
No you don’t. You can start with small budget for now and then just increase your budget once you get results. Like I said, I myself just spent $5 – $10 when I first started.

Q ??Can you help me when I get stuck?
Absolutely! There’s a comment section below each of the modules where you can ask questions. We also have a private FB group where you can hangout with me and other members, for us to help you when have concerns.

Q Do I need to apply all the strategies inside to become successful?
No you don’t have to. In fact, even just mastering a single strategy can surely give you results. Then just move on to the next strategy once you learned the first one.

Q ???Do you have a money-back guarantee?
Yes I have. Although I truly believe that the training and app are HIGH quality, if for some crazy reason you think they are not for you, within 30 days, just contact me and I will refund your money.

Social Video Ads A VERY comprehensive training showing ?various Facebook video ad strategies to get FAST and AUTOMATED results in your business. And in all of these strategies, I also showed how to create the videos you will use for your ad campaigns. Remember, I came from a professional video creation world, and the inclusion of video creation lessons is what separate this program from other courses out there.

With 6 comprehensive modules and 4 amazing bonuses Running successful Facebook video ad campaigns that can give you FAST and AUTOMATED results is now just at your fingertips!

Download Social Video Ads here :

Social Video Ads Review and Bonus by cham altatis – DISCOVER How You Can AUTOMATE FB Video Ads & Get EVERGREEN & CONSISTENT Leads & Sales FAST Social Video Ads Review Social Video Ads will sell like crazy most likely because you are being shown how to make quick and easy and free money. I can tell you that this will blow you away when you see how easy it is to make money! Instruction are written in a easy to read and quite easy to follow. Social Video Ads Discount

download Social Video Ads

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