Socignitor Software Sajan and Justin Upsell Review

Socignitor Software Sajan and Justin Review and Bonus by Sajan and Justin – Groundbreaking Software Generates High Quality Buyer Leads From Facebook In Any Niche And Markets To Them In Seconds

Socignitor Software Sajan and Justin Reviews

Before you buy another ebook, method, course, you need to know about Socignitor Software Sajan and Justin by Sajan and Justin – here is why

Socignitor Software Sajan and Justin is an revolutionary ‘all in one’ Facebook Fan Engagement, Lead Generation, Marketing and Messenger software, that allows users to collect leads directly from Facebook and send bulk messages to their leads and FB Page Members. IMAGINE THE SUCCESS YOU COULD ACHIEVE ONLINE. If You Were Able To Generate Free, High Quality Traffic From Facebook Daily…And Have a 100% AUTOMATED way to convert them into leads, sales and profits. The reason that we created SocIgnitor initially was to aid the success of our own online businesses, enabling us to automate Facebook and Messenger marketing in a way that’s are proven to deliver results…Effectively having our very own Profit Generating Machine that we can switch on at will! And what we can tell you is that if you deploy SocIgnitor into your Facebook marketing.

Socignitor Software Sajan and Justin is very simply to apply and very suggested for Internet Marketers. Socignitor Software Sajan and Justin Review and Bonus by Sajan and Justin – Groundbreaking Software Generates High Quality Buyer Leads From Facebook In Any Niche And Markets To Them In Seconds is truly an outstanding product – Socignitor Software Sajan and Justin Review

Watch the demo Socignitor Software Sajan and Justin here :

Socignitor Software Sajan and Justin Review and Bonus by Sajan and Justin – Groundbreaking Software Generates High Quality Buyer Leads From Facebook In Any Niche And Markets To Them In Seconds

Socignitor Software Sajan and Justin Review

Socignitor Software Sajan and Justin review

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It’s combined of suit of tools includes:

  • FB Messenger ‘autoresponder’ which allows users to send bulk messages and automated responses to their leads and Fans directly through FB messenger (which is 100% inboxed)
  • Multi Lingual content curator with 1 click posting of content to increase Fan engagement and for marketing to page members and prospects.
  • Call To Action Poster that attracts and harvests leads that can be marketed to through FB Messenger.
  • Carousel and Slideshow poster to post these eyecatching elements across multiple pages simultaneously
  • Cross Poster that lets you post videos to multiple pages at once.
  • Full Analytics and reporting of performance of all your campaigns
  • And so much more


Lead Import and Bulk Message Campaign:

  • Connects Fans: Automatically broadcast messages to your entire FB Leads with just a click! This feature of? SocIgnator is extremely powerful, will help you automate your Facebook Marketing. You’ll enjoy more traffic, sales and make more commissions on autopilot. Imagine sending a message across all your FB pages and being able to get into 100% of their FB Inboxes. If you were to send out a NEW fresh promo message to ALL your prospects with 100% open rate. Now you can engage with all your FB Fans and Leads to send bulk messages to your messenger leads.

Page Contents

  • Auto Content: SocIgnator allows you to create fresh content for any niche. Fetch viral articles for any keyword automatically for your FB posts. Also create viral hashtags for posts to get more traffic. You can use this hashtag generator which will give you the most viral hashtags based off of one keyword selection. You can easily copy the generated hashtags with the copying button. To tap into a truly international online audience, you need to publish multilingual content. SocIgnitor helps you to convert your content into a variety of languages, with translations provided at the click of a button and posted on your FB Fan page.

Page Posting and Scheduling Features:

  • FB Poster: This smart feature allows you to post content on multiple facebook pages. You can schedule posts to unlimited number of Facebook pages that you own without having to spend a dime on expensive tools. All you need to do is compose your post, set intervals, select your pages and POST. We’ll take over from there. We have four different types of FB Poster like Message, Link, Image & Video Post.
  • Carousel & SlideShow Poster: SocIgnator allows you to create, post & schedule with two types post (Carousel & Slideshow Post) for your multiple Facebook pages. With SocIgnator you will be able to create high-performing Facebook carousel posts. Carousel posts are a great way to include multiple images and links in a single post. Slideshow posts are eye-catching, attractive ways to easily showcase your products and tell your story. With SocIgnator, Slideshows can be created in just minutes and are more engaging than still image post.
  • Cross Poster: SocIgnator allows you to create Crossposting which is a way to use videos across multiple Pages. Using this powerful feature, publishers can reach new, relevant audiences, avoid sending and re-uploading video, and see aggregated insights for posts across all Pages. The crossposter (the Page that did not originally upload the video) can distribute videos in a customized post and get insights into video performance on their specific Page.
  • CTA Poster: This powerful tool collects messenger leads and motivates your Facebook visitors to send you a message! CTA Poster is a lead generating machine all you do is sit back and watch your list grow exponentially. Increase your clicks, leads, and sales with just 1 CTA post and the best part is you can make as much as you want!

Page Manager Features:

  • Full Campaign Reports: With this complete reports and status you can check your campaigns engagement to see if it was successful or not. We display posting history, schedule posts and what you already posted. You can monitoring your campaigns & see how popular your posts are.
  • Insights: SocIgnitor allows you to check Multiple Facebook Fan Pages Insights which has helped you to determine the tastes and interests of your customer demographics. Building your online and mobile presence, communicating with customers, or encouraging people to take an action – your Page Insights will help you understand who among your audience is most engaged with your Page.
  • Dashboard: With the SocIgnitor platform, you can see a birds eye view of every campaigns you publish and how well each one performs. With this built-in analytics dashboard you will get real time statistics on every post you publish to Facebook. SocIgnitor Dashboard show you how Facebook users have engaged with your post by providing you the number of Likes, Comments, and Clicks on each post you send to groups and pages with monthly and lifetime summary basis. Also display the exact numbers of Total Subscriber, Total Unsubscriber, Total Messages Sent, Campaign Completed, Campaign Processing & Campaign Pending.

Socignitor Software Sajan and Justin Benefits :

  • Make Passive Income Directly Out of Facebook.
  • Set it up Once and Watch Your Traffic, Leads and Sales Come in
  • ?No writing, emailing or video creation ever.
  • ?No Paid Traffic – The Traffic is 100% FREE.
  • First Ever TRUE ‘Set and Forget’ System
  • ?Works in Any Niche- no manual work.
  • ?Start seeing results within 60 Minutes of Set up
  • Become a Facebook Marketing Guru WITHOUT Manual Work
  • Grow your Following Faster than EVER
  • 100% Newbie Friendly
  • Cloud based so No Domain or Hosting Required


Maximise Facebook Page Engagement and Profits.
SocIgnitor bulk messages All of your Facebook page leads with any promotional message or link …Both with automated responses and/or broadcast messages directly through Facebook Messenger – which has 100% inboxing rates

Automatically Generates New Messenger leads.
SocIgnitor’s CTA feature can generate Messenger leads direct from Facebook . This can replace Email marketing or work perfectly in tandem with it.

Grows your FB Following, Engagement and Pages Likes in ‘Record Speed’ with Auto-generated viral content.
SocIgnitor sources trending viral content in any niche that you can utilise to grow your following and maximise engagement with your audience….You NEVER have to write your own content again!

Touch button multilingual content generation.
SocIgnitor automatically converts your viral content into any launguage of your choice with the click of a button, Instantly multiplying your reach several times over…

Sources viral hashtags.
SocIgnitor finds viral hashtags in any niche that you can use to generate more traffic to your pages…

World class post scheduling.
SocIgnitor enables you to schedule unlimited posts on multiple Facebook pages in Multiple Facebook Accounts so you can sit back, relax and let the software run your entire marketing campaign on autopilot…

Utilise the huge power of video.
SocIgnitor’s crossposter distributes viral video content across multiple pages simultaneously and gives you detailed insights on every video distributed…

Works in any niche for anyone.
SocIgnitor works perfectly in any niche, regardless of your marketing experience or knowledge…

100% Beginner Friendly.
SocIgnitor is completely newbie friendly. Even the most novice Facebook user will be able to use the software in a matter of minutes…

To summarise, SocIgnitor converts novice marketers into Facebook marketing gurus instantly…


  • Your Website – Allowing you to grow your audience and make more leads, sales and passive income from Ad Revenue…
  • Your Affiliate Link – Enabling you to make more affiliate commissions and hit leaderboards to win contest prizes…
  • Your CPA Link – so you can generate more leads and Commissions…
  • Your Ecommerce Websites – Allowing you to make more sales…
  • Your Freelance Profile – So you sell more of your services…
  • Your Squeeze Pages – so you can build a Massive Email list faster than ever…
  • Your Social Media Page – Enabling you to build a bigger following…
  • Your Business Listing – So you can grow your client base or generate reviews…
  • Your Blog – allowing you to grow your following, increase your authority and generate more ad clicks, likes, shares and comments…
  • Anywhere else online that you’d like to send traffic to…


And SocIgnitor makes all of the work to generate this flood of traffic and leads completely “hands off”, so you can start to live the laptop lifestyle that you always dreamed of…Which means running a business or making sales online while you’re…

  • Sleeping…
  • Travelling…
  • At the gym…
  • Watching TV…
  • Eating out…
  • Or do anything…

The point is, SocIgnitor automates the entire process of marketing on Facebook and is based online, so you can use it from anywhere in the world on any device with an internet connection…Which perfect for digital entrepreneurs…

Socignitor has all the functionality of an email autoresponder, only it’s used for COMMUNICATING VIA FB MESSENGER.

It includes:

  • Storage of Your Messenger contacts inside the system
  • Segmentation of Messenger contacts for different lists/niches
  • Ability to automatically add new subs via opt-in functionality
  • Automated responses can be set up for new and existing Messenger contacts
  • Broadcast messages can be sent or scheduled
  • Everything is done from one easy to use Dashboard
  • The one dashboard can control Messenger contacts from Multiple FB pages from Multiple FB accounts
  • Messenger contacts can unsubscribe if they no longer wish to receive your messages.
  • Messenger contacts can also be exported and loaded into your email autoresponder if you wish.
  • Can be used in tandem with your Email marketing OR as a complete replacement (the choice is yours)

Socignitor is designed to grow your following FAST WITH VERY LITTLE MANUAL WORK.

  • Simply create your page(s) or use existing and connect it to the Software and set up a few short automated marketing messages.
  • Deploy our DFY Viral Content with CTA’s to grow your following fast while your automated messages convert your new followers into rabid buyers
  • Then WATCH has your Commissions Roll in

Note: this takes minutes to set up (we train you on how to do it) and once your done the system runs on autopilot to grow your following and messenger list, and make you sales and commissions!


  • SocIgnitor Software –? 100% newbie friendly, cloud based Facebook marketing platform that enables you to generate traffic and leads in seconds. SocIgnitor is 100% approved by Facebook with all API permissions and the following features…
  • Auto Content – ?Automatically generate quality viral content in any niche at the touch of a button and convert it to any language, enabling you to market to a brand new customer audience in seconds. Our viral hashtag generator ensures you get the most eyeballs on your content, effortlessly. With this feature, you will never have to write any content ever again.
  • FB Poster – Schedule 4 different types of posts (message, link, image and video) on an unlimited number of Facebook pages in unlimited amount of Facebook accounts, enabling you to automate everything.
  • Carousel and Slideshow Poster – This module enables you to post and schedule posts of both carousels and slideshows across multiple Facebook pages. These posts are eye-catching, attractive and most importantly, high performing. Enabling you to showcase multiple products or services in a single post.
  • Cross Poster – This module enables publishers to post videos across multiple pages and multiple FB accounts without ever having to re-upload videos. View performance and insight date on specific videos or obtain aggregated insights.
  • CTA POSTER ?- The ‘Call to Action’ poster collects Messenger leads that you can market to instantly, at the touch of a button. With the CTA module, you can sit back and watch your list grow exponentially, on complete autopilot, whilst your automated messages convert the leads into sales and commissions all on complete autopilot.
  • Automated Messages – Set up automated messages that go out to your messenger leads as per a schedule or after an action (eg an opt-in). This converts leads into sales quickly because it messages the prospect instantly which is the point at which the lead is more likely to buy. It also follows up with leads periodically as often as you would like it too. This automation allows you to have a profit machine that runs totally hands free!
  • Broadcasts – Broadcast messages to your entire set of Facebook leads with a single click. This module is so powerful, it could easily replace your entire Email marketing business or work perfectly side by side. This feature will enable you to build a stronger relationship with your leads and also make more sales and affiliate commissions, guaranteed.
  • Campaign Reports – Allows you to check the status of every campaign to identify the level of success it is acheiving.
  • Campaign Insights – Check insights on all of your Facebook fan pages, enabling you to fully understand the demographics of your customers. With this data, you are able to market more efficiently and increase your bottom line.
  • SocIgnitor Dashboard – This easy to use dashboard will provide all the information that you need to know about your Facebook marketing with SocIgnitor all from one User Friendly central hub. Get real time stats, engagement data, subscriber data and much more.
  • World Class Customer Support – Our support team are on hand to help and assist if you have any problems at all with SocIgnitor. Simply raise a ticket and our support team will send a prompt response to you.
  • Agency Licence – For a limited number of buyers who take action today, we’re including agency licence so you can use SocIgnitor for your clients and charge them for it.

Socignitor Software Sajan and Justin Bonuses :

Everyone wants to ‘go viral’ because it means likes, shares, exposure and traffic. Our software finds content that is already viral and utilises it for your gain. It’s simple but tremendously effective…

You’re getting over the shoulder step-by-step affiliate marketing tutorials which even a 12 year old could follow and get results with it… Dozens of students have implemented these strategies and made thousands…

Our Fantastic Support Team Are Ready To Help You If You Have Any Problems At All With The Software. Simply Raise A Support Ticket And Will Receive A Prompt Response To Ensure Everything Runs Smoothly.

These 3 Software Products Have Sold Thousands Of Copies Each But You Get Them Totally Complementary, They Help You Get More Traffic, Leads And Sales…


When you get Socignitor today, you have NO risk because we’re including or ironclad, money back guarantee. If you use the software and apply what we show you in the training and you still can’t make more than your investment back, simply contact our support team, with proof that you applied the training, within 30 days of purchase and you will receive a full refund

Socignitor Software Sajan and Justin : FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Is there a money back guarantee?
Yes there is. If you use the software and apply what we show you in the training and you still can’t make more than your investment back, simply contact our support team, with proof that you applied the training, within 30 days of purchase and you will receive a full refund. So the risk is completely on us.

Is SocIgnitor compatible on Mac and PC?
SocIgnitor can be used on any device, including phones and tablets, with a browser and internet connection. It’s based entirely on the cloud.

Are there any monthly fees?
We are planning to charge a monthly subscription for SocIgnitor, but if you act today you can get lifetime access for a single one time payment.

Can results be scaled up with Paid Traffic?
You can get massive results from f.ree traffic, but if you would like to scale it even further then you can use paid traffic where you can get clicks for pennies. We also show you how to scale this with paid traffic if that’s what you would like to do..

Is support included?
Absolutely. If you have any problems, simply send us an email and you will receive a prompt reply.

Note: this takes minutes to set up (we train you on how to do it) and once your done the system runs on autopilot to grow your following and messenger list, and make you sales and commissions! IF SOCIGNITOR IS SO POWERFUL, WHY ARE YOU SHARING IT? As I’ve mentioned, when we created SocIgnitor, we did it for the benefit of our own online businesses first and foremost…BUT when we found out exactly how powerful the software was, we knew that we simply couldn’t hold it back from our valued customers…Frankly, Facebook is big enough so that millions of marketers can all succeed on the platform simultaneously, without ever stepping on each others toes…So there would be no benefit to us from holding it back…However, we do want to keep this release ‘limited’, so we’re only sharing it with our inner circle of like minded marketers, people who value the power of this software…So we’ll only be releasing SocIgnitor as a one time payment for a very short time and we will be going to a monthly recurring pricing model very soon.

DO NOT MISS THIS ONE TIME OPPORTUNITY TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE…Ask yourself…If you were able to generate high quality traffic, leads and sales directly from Facebook, in any niche, simply by clicking a few buttons and then allowing the software to do the rest, would that change your life? Would it enable you to make more profits? Build a bigger list? Grow a bigger social following? You and I both know the answer is obviously YES. The reality is everyone who is using the internet to increase their bottom line – business owner or hustler – will achieve BETTER results with SocIgnitor…So, do not waste another second before you invest…If you act today, we’re giving lifetime access to SocIgnitor for a single one time cost. We will soon be changing our pricing structure to a monthly recurring fee before we close the offer completely. So if you want a lifetime of free traffic and leads with free traffic using a totally automated process.

Download Socignitor Software Sajan and Justin here :

Socignitor Software Sajan and Justin Review and Bonus by Sajan and Justin – Groundbreaking Software Generates High Quality Buyer Leads From Facebook In Any Niche And Markets To Them In Seconds Socignitor Software Sajan and Justin Review Socignitor Software Sajan and Justin will sell like crazy most likely because you are being shown how to make quick and easy and free money. I can tell you that this will blow you away when you see how easy it is to make money! Instruction are written in a easy to read and quite easy to follow. Socignitor Software Sajan and Justin Discount

download Socignitor Software Sajan and Justin

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