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Appointify Upsell Review

Appointify Review and Bonus by Prady N – Brand New Software Allows You To Double Any Local Biz Owner’s Bookings Overnight – Copy & Profit From 30+ Done For You Affiliate Campaigns That TWO Marketers Use to Make $50,000 PER MONTH

Appointify Reviews

Before you buy another ebook, method, course, you need to know about Appointify by Prady N – here is why

Appointify An advanced booking system housed in a professional business website that fits any type of niche and works all across devices. Packed with great features to help you get more profit, lessen booking cancellations and builds your brand a trustworthy look. Instantly upgrade any local biz owner’s booking system, double their appointments and remove all the headaches that have been losing them customers and costing them thousands per week for a fraction of the cost they have to pay elsewhere! Local biz owners will love you! Why? Because you’ll be saving them thousands on wasted traffic…Hours of back and forth phone calls and chasing leads And bringing them way more customers and money every day! Which makes this a VERY EASY service that clients will happily pay you $500 for…or even a passive monthly paycheck to “rent it” from you! As you can see…Appointify is the most advanced, customer-getting appointment tool on the market today! Everything you need to boost your client’s bookings, reduce no-shows, help them stay organized and manage their time more effectively! Thousands of local biz owners need your help today! [SHOW SCREENSHOTS OF LOCAL BIZ SITES WITH ONLY PHONE NUMBERS AND POINT OUT THE PROBLEM]. This is where you step in and save the day…And the best part? With Appointify, you can set up their new booking system in just 5 minutes while collecting up to $500 for your time! Or why not charge a monthly fee for the booking system instead, bringing you a sweet passive paycheck in the mail every single month! With Appointify, you could be solving their burning problems in seconds and get paid buckets of cash in return! 97% of business owners don’t have an optimized booking system in place! (*Which means there are millions of biz owners who need help setting up effective booking systems on their site today.) Don’t believe me? Just open up Google and type in “dentist” in your local area. Visit the top 10 websites and see if they have a mobile friendly, optimized booking system that allows you to make an appointment without picking up the phone. You’ll be SHOCKED how many of them are still living in the dark ages when it comes to booking appointments the hard way!

Appointify is very simply to apply and very suggested for Internet Marketers. Appointify Review and Bonus by Prady N – Brand New Software Allows You To Double Any Local Biz Owner’s Bookings Overnight – Copy & Profit From 30+ Done For You Affiliate Campaigns That TWO Marketers Use to Make $50,000 PER MONTH is truly an outstanding product – Appointify Review

Watch the demo Appointify here :

Appointify Review and Bonus by Prady N – Brand New Software Allows You To Double Any Local Biz Owner’s Bookings Overnight – Copy & Profit From 30+ Done For You Affiliate Campaigns That TWO Marketers Use to Make $50,000 PER MONTH

Appointify Review

Appointify review

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Appointify OTO / Upsell / Downsell :

Front End – Appointify Theme + Plugin

Appointify theme & plugin helps to bring you a push button solution to you and your customers with complete appointment booking & management system for local businesses. Overcome all the hitches of appointment booking and management for local businesses. Following are some interesting features of Appointify:

  • A complete Appointment scheduling system
  • Easy to use/ Newbie friendly
  • Auto appointment management
  • Facebook appointment system
  • Responsive design
  • Upfront payment
  • Easy to use options panel for customization
  • Extensive appointment settings & So many more features…

A Step-By-Step Training Program

We’re also giving you a complete training to make it everything easy. It includes – How to pick the right businesses to sell your service for more profitability, Price your products correctly, How to avoid conflicts with the client by asking them right questions and Getting inexpensive & &ffective freelancers and How to manage them.

Exclusive Bonuses For The Early Adaptors

Bonus 1: Social cover pack (Facebook + Youtube)
Instantly give away or sell these beautiful, fully customizable social covers to your clients as another high value service.

Bonus 2: DFY Facebook Ads
Offer your local biz owners these ready-made DFY ads to help them bring in more leads & sales today. Packed with everything you & your clients need to double their appointments overnight Along with these valuable & rare bonuses…

OTO 1 – Appointoleadz Software + Contracts + DFY email/Slides Template

This upgraded, more advanced edition of Appointify includes a software called Appointoleadz that will help the local consultants in finding the prospective clients in high paying niches, contracts, and DFY email/slides template.

OTO1 Downsell – A version of OTO1.

OTO 2 – 10 DFY Themes + 10 DFY WhiteLabel Videos

The upgrade version includes 10 Done for you Appointment systems along with a bonus training: How to sell done for you systems for $1,000 – $3,000. The done-for-you appointments includes – 1) Dentists, 2) Lawyer, 3) Salon, 4) Spa, 5) Chiropractor, 6) Chartered accountant, 7) Clinic, 8) Optometrist, 9) Veterinary, 10) Dermatologist,

OTO2 Downsell – A version of OTO2 with Done for you Appointment systems that include Dentists, Lawyer, Salon, Spa, Chiropractor. You’ll also get access to 5 Done for you videos.

OTO3 – Appointoleadz Lead generation software white label

Here you’ll be getting while lable access to our Appointoleadz Lead generation software. You can have 5 license/50 license/150 license as per your requirement.

OTO 4 – Appointoagency is complete DFY and CAREFULLY crafted for high conversion theme to sell appointment related services

A Peek-A-Boo Into What You Will Get With Appointify:

Appointify system is a great and powerful tool that you should have if you are looking into getting more profit and maintaining better client relationship on your business. Below are some of the best features we thought might entice you to avail of this amazing product.

** Easy To Use Appointments Section **
With Appointify you can book appointments easily. You can see the available appointments, the dates and timings and you can select as per your preference. The appointment booking form template is super easy to understand and fill out.

** Extensive Appointment Settings **
With Appointify you take full control on how you handle bookings. From time scheduling, confirmation and reminder letter formats, calendar, working hours and up to services.

** Accept Upfront Payment **
System allows you to accept payments upfront at the time of booking. Local businesses love this feature as they get upfront money and it reduces no show as well.

** Google Calendar Integration **
This system allows you to integrate your own google calendar into its management. Thus it will show not only appointments booked through Appointify but also those which you might have entered separately in your Google calendar. Easy to manage, isn’t it??

** Email Reminders **
Just like SMS notifications, emails will be sent to the customers who have booked appointments as reminders, so that NO appointments are missed. This reduces No show.

** Build Your LIST **
Customer registration that captures each new appointment as a lead allowing follow up sales.

And far more features…

Appointify Benefits :

  • Complete Done-For-You Software, no tech skills required!
  • Perfect “foot in the door” service to win loyal local clients fast
  • Takes seconds to set up and can pocket you $500 + per client
  • Most affordable and powerful local appointment software with no monthly fees or sneaky booking fees to you as a consultant or local marketer
  • Step by step instructions on how to win your first client tonight!
  • Easily turns into a monthly service for passive income!
  • Solves a desperate problem for local business owners!
  • Easy “push button” system to deploy on client’s sites in minutes
  • Works for all local niches!
  • Cash in with an untapped local service that 99% of other consultants aren’t offering.

Appointify Profits :

  • Customers can book an appointment online, any time of day.
  • Appointify keeps track of available times and removes all the back and forth emails and phone calls for the biz owner.
  • Sends email and SMS reminders to to the customers so they never miss an appointment!
  • Allows customers to pay for the service when they book (which biz owners LOVE!)

Double any biz owner’s bookings

Why are biz owners paying up to $500 for this simple online booking service?

  • Doubles their appointment bookings overnight
  • Saves thousands on outsourced call centers
  • No more endless answer machine messages to deal with
  • Stops leads slipping through the cracks
  • Saves hours of admin work, emails and phone calls
  • Ensures more people actually show up for their appointment

Why should YOU be offering this “booking upgrade” service right now?

  • Totally untapped service with barely any competition
  • Perfect “foot in the door” service to win new clients (and upsell more stuff)
  • No other software needed
  • No hidden costs
  • No tech skills or experience needed
  • No need to hire freelancers
  • Potential to earn up to $500 for just 5 minutes of your time
  • Complete no-brainer offer (biz owners need this urgently!)

Appointify brings you a push button solution to explode bookings and profits for any local business, starting tonight!


  • Time scheduling and calendar – allow customers to pick a time from the biz owner’s calendar. No more back and forth via email or phone to check available time slots.
  • Confirmation and reminder SMS and emails – keep customers in the loop and remind them when to show up, reducing the amount of no shows.
  • Working hours – shows customers when the business is open so they can book the right time, every time.
  • Showcase services – show visitors which services are available, right inside a beautiful booking system that works perfectly on every device!

No More Double Bookings
Appointify has built-in technology to prevent double bookings. If another customer has already booked an appointment, the software will let them know and suggest another slot that’s available. !

Show Working Hours
Set up your client’s holidays, days off, lunchtimes and meetings, so the system can only take bookings when they’re available.

Accept Payment Upfront
Unlike regular booking systems, Appointify allows your client to accept payments upfront at the time of booking! Local businesses love this feature because they get paid upfront and this reduces “no shows” as well 🙂

Google Calendar Integration
Tap a button to instantly sync your client’s Google calendar into Appointify, allowing your client to see all of their appointments in one place, including ones booked separately in their Google calendar alongside their Appointify bookings!

Automatic Email & SMS Reminders
Notifications will be sent to people who have booked appointments so that appointments are not missed. Reduce no shows and bring more customers to your client on autopilot!

Simple Client Dashboard
Your clients will have an easy bird’s eye view of their appointment calendar to help them stay organized.

Build Your Client’s Email List
Capture emails during the booking process, so that you or the biz owner can follow up with more offers in the future. You can even offer them a done-for-you email marketing service to collect big paychecks every month!

Multiple Users For Each Business
Most biz owners will have multiple people who take bookings (dentists, doctors, chiropractors, roofers, etc.) With Appointify you can give each member of the team their own appointment system under one “umbrella” system for that company.

Super Easy To Set Up
Just point and click and you’ll have the entire system set up for your first client in minutes from now. We provide step by step instructions and it’s designed for complete beginners to use without any steep learning curves or special skills.

Export Data
Your clients can easily export their appointment details and statistics for offline references and analysis.

Appointments Made Easy
Managing appointments has never been easier for you or your clients. See available slots, bookings made, dates and times, all in a simple dashboard. For potential customers, it’s easy too. The booking form is clean, easy to use and works perfectly on mobile.

Mobile Optimized
Appointify works perfectly on all devices and screen sizes, so your client will never lose a booking because of a badly designed form that’s hard to fill out. Customers can book appointments from their mobile devices in a few simple taps, without squinting, pinching or zooming their screens!

Facebook Integration
Integrate your Appointify system into Facebook in a few simple clicks and allow your clients to take bookings and reservations without leaving the social network!

Simple Sales Reporting
Allow your client to view recent transactions, pending and future appointments, customer details and amount paid, in one simple screen.

Build-In Blogging
Your clients can use this to provide additional information about their products and services, boost appointment bookings and even attract free traffic from Google. They can even display images in the sleek slider section integrated into the theme to draw people’s attention into each post, build trust and give their blog a professional look and feel.

You can become a local superhero by setting up an OPTIMIZED booking system for local biz owners in 5 minutes flat!

With Appointify, you can set up a simple, high converting booking system for any local business in minutes, helping them…

  • Take more bookings during office hours…
  • Save thousands of dollars on call centers…
  • Attract more bookings…
  • Win more customers from their competitors…
  • Save hours of admin work and endless phone calls…
  • Save heaps of cash on expensive booking tools…
  • Grow their business like never before!

How to get clients? Just do this…

Step #1
Do a quick Google search for a dentist in your local area.

Step #2
Visit the top 5-7 websites and see which ones only have phone numbers or outdated “contact us” forms.

Step #3
Reach out with a simple email that explains the problem and asks them if they want to make more appointments by allowing visitors to book directly from their website (don’t pitch your service yet, wait for them to respond first.)

Step #4
When they respond, send a follow up email that explains the service you’re offering in a few short paragraphs. Ask them if they’re still interested and wait for a reply.

Step #5
Once they reply YES, tell them the fee, collect the cash, deploy the software, then rinse and repeat with the next biz owner on your list!

8 Critical Reasons to Start Using Appointify To Boost Local Biz Bookings Tonight!

  1. Solve a burning problem for local biz owners, without hours of backbreaking work, complicated tools or expensive software!
  2. Diversify your income with an untapped service that clients desperately need today!
  3. Perfect “foot in the door” service to win loyal local clients for years to come
  4. Takes seconds to set up and can charge $500 + per client (or charge a monthly maintenance fee for passive income instead!)
  5. Most affordable and powerful local appointment software with no monthly fees or sneaky booking fees to you or your clients
  6. Easy “push button” system to deploy on client’s websites in minutes
  7. Plenty of local niche themes to suit every biz owner
  8. Step by step instructions on how to win your first client with Appointify tonight!

Appointify is easy to use and creates high converting booking pages in less than 5 minutes!

Quick & Easy
Create a mobile-friendly booking system for your client in 5 minutes flat by pushing a few buttons. No hosting, no learning curves, no hidden costs, no hassles.

Ready to go booking system
Bypass hours of design and coding with ready-to-go booking systems that look awesome on mobile and desktops and in a variety of colors.

Total Customization
Customize your booking system for each local client, effortlessly matching their colors and style. Just point, click and you’re done!

Unlike other booking tools, there’s…

  • No learning curves.
  • No coding skills required.
  • No complicated dashboards.


Reason 01
Our friendly support team are on standby to help, if you ever get stuck (very unlikely considering how simple this tool is to use!)

Reason 02
We’ve got step by step guides to get your client’s booking system live in seconds.

Reason 03
We’ve added special training inside your dashboard to help you land clients tonight!

Reason 04
If you’re not making jaw droppingly EASY cash with Appointify, you’re covered by a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee.

Here’s everything you’re getting with Appointify today…

  • Extensive Appointment Settings
  • Duplicate Booking Checker
  • Show Working Hours
  • Accept Payment Upfront
  • Google Calendar Integration
  • Automatic Email And SMS Reminders
  • Backend Appointment Calendar & List
  • Build Your Client’s Email List
  • Multiple Users For Each Client
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Effortless Facebook Integration
  • Simple Sales Reporting
  • Built-In Blogging
  • Full Training And Support
  • Bonus Training: Win Your First Client Tonight!

Appointify is the only booking tool you’ll need to help local biz owners double their appointments and pay you bags of cash!

  • Hands-free appointment bookings, any time of day
  • Easy to keep track of bookings, availability and customer details
  • Eliminates back and forth phone calls and emails
  • Sends reminders to to the customers so they ever miss their appointment
  • Take partial or full payments for online bookings
  • Looks amazing and works perfectly on any screen size or device

We’ll show you how to amplify your profits with step by step training on:

  • How to pick the right businesses to sell your service for more profitability – choose the right type of clients and watch your profits soar, without any extra work!
  • Price your services correctly – earn more money with our perfect “sweet spot” pricing that won’t scare away clients or raise doubts in their minds
  • How to make the process run smoothly – so your clients are happy and you avoid conflicts from day one
  • How to scale your profits with freelancers – we’ll show you where to find the best workers, how to hire them properly, how to manage them easily, and how to turn this service into a passive income system from day one

This is one of the easiest local cash cows we’ve ever seen… period!

  • You don’t need to spend hours and days coding, designing and building booking systems the hard way.
  • You don’t need to spend $100’s per month on landing page builders, plus all the extra plugins to make a booking system for your clients.
  • You don’t need to waste time and money going back and forth with freelancers.
  • You don’t need to hard-sell local biz owners, because they already want more bookings and less hassle!

Test-drive Appointify today and see how fast, easy and affordably you launch a fully optimized booking pages that make your clients more money than ever.

Appointify will work for you, period.

  • We update the software regularly so it works perfectly, no matter what happens.
  • It’s compatible with all browsers, devices and screen sizes.

No hidden costs, ever.

  • No sneaky booking fees.
  • No ongoing charges.
  • No other tools required.
  • No freelancers required.
  • No hosting required.

Just login to the dashboard and start creating optimized booking systems for your local biz owner clients in seconds!

Appointify Bonuses :

Bonus 1: Social cover pack
Instantly give away or sell these beautiful, fully customizable Facebook and Youtube social covers to your clients as another high value service. Give them away to build your list and get your “foot in the door” or sell them for at least $97 each for easy cash. You can even offer them as a special bonus when they sign up for your new booking optimization service!

Bonus 2: DFY Facebook Ads
Offer your local biz owners these ready-made DFY Facebook ads to help them bring in more leads and sales today. A professional set of attention-grabbing ads in some of the hottest local niches right now. Sell as a service, or give them away to clients as another “foot in the door” service!

Bonus 3: DFY sales video (Optional)
This ready-made video will help you effortlessly win clients for your new booking optimization service. With professional graphics and expert sales copy, it will show your clients the value of your service and why they can’t afford to ignore what you have to offer. Use this video in your Facebook posts, ads, YouTube ads or even inside an email to a local biz owner, and watch clients chase you down to pay you for a brand new booking system today!

The perfect “foot in the door” service that wins clients like clockwork. Forget slow and expensive services that local biz owners don’t want. Every local biz owner needs more bookings and this is a simple time and money saving solution they’d be nuts to ignore. Which means this service sells itself and offering a simple, highly optimized booking system that can be set up in 5 minutes… for a fraction of the price they’d have to pay elsewhere? Well, it’s going to be like taking candy from a baby! No need to blow cash on freelancers! Sure… freelancers could build a booking system for you but it’s going to eat up your profit margins forcing you to raise your prices and lose clients! Appointify is a one-time investment that will pay for itself for years to come, allowing you to create beautiful booking systems in seconds… without eating up your profits! Which means…There’s NOTHING holding you back from making hundreds of dollars per day with Appointify! Just follow the simple steps in your dashboard to effortlessly integrate a high converting booking system for your client’s website in minutes. Creating booking systems for local biz owners doesn’t get easier than this and it’s a proven, in-demand service that biz owners are paying for right now! Believe me, there are thousands of local biz owners who would KILL for more appointments so it’s a no-brainer to pay you $500 for a booking system that DOUBLES their bookings! You’ll be amazed how many clients beat down the door to get a better booking system with your help! And it’s GUARANTEED to work for you, or your money back. How much money can you make with Appointify? Consider this: There are thousands of local biz owners who need a better booking system but can’t afford call centers or high-end monthly software. Which means you could easily charge $500 for a one-off fee to replace their outdated booking system today! And with Appointify, it only takes 5 minutes to get the job done! Which means you could easily take on 3, 4 or even 10 clients per day… and collect thousands for just an hour of your time. With just 1 client per day, that’s $3,500 per week! And if you think it’s hard to find one client per day, you’re in the wrong business… because there are clients literally EVERYWHERE. Just Google any type of service or business in your area and you’ll find hundreds of outdated booking systems that are ripe for the picking! The income potential is truly mind blowing and that’s before you’ve started selling all your other marketing services on the backend. Already got clients? Then you’re just one email away from landing multiple orders from them… as they scramble to get their booking system upgraded TODAY! The question is, can you afford to walk away from thousands of extra dollars and an easy local service that thousands of biz owners want right now?

We’ll even show you how to get your first paying client as soon as tonight! We’ll show you where your dream clients are right now, and exactly how to approach them so it’s almost impossible to refuse your offer. Follow our steps and word for word examples and you’ll be amazed how easily you can land brand new clients, even if you’re brand new, shy or hate selling! As you’re about to see, it’s drop dead easy to win clients… and even easier to deliver this in demand, profitable service to them! Plus, you’ll get our exclusive training to help you turn this into a six figure business! WARNING! This is your ONLY chance to get Appointify at the lowest price possible! We’re running a special launch only discount which will be ending any moment! Grab this now and start collecting easy $500 paychecks, before it’s too late. Don’t miss out! Right now, there are thousands of local biz owners that need your help with a better booking system that brings them more appointments and profits. Sure, you can ignore this special software and do it the hard way coding, hiring freelancers, designing, patching together outdated plugins and hoping it all works perfectly for your clients or you could just invest in Appointify today and instantly have the most powerful, easy to use booking software ready to deploy on your client’s websites today, while getting paid up to $500 for just minutes of your day! Can you afford to leave that kind of easy money on the table? No hidden costs, ever. Local biz owners will always need to book appointments with their customers, so this is a valuable service that will always be in demand which makes this a totally evergreen business that can keep stuffing cash in your pocket for years to come! Invest in Appointify today to instantly help local biz owners simplify their bookings, double their appointments and stop burning cash on call centers or overpriced software! Order Now to lock in these rare bonuses before it’s too late! OK, time’s up… it’s now or never. Click the button to get your hands on the fastest, most powerful all-in-one booking tool for 2020… packed with everything you and your clients need to double their appointments overnight… along with these valuable and rare bonuses all for a one-time-only fee! Hurry, this deal is about to end any moment. We’ll see you inside! Thank you for reading this message. We look forward to hearing your success with Appointify.

Download Appointify here :

Appointify Review and Bonus by Prady N – Brand New Software Allows You To Double Any Local Biz Owner’s Bookings Overnight – Copy & Profit From 30+ Done For You Affiliate Campaigns That TWO Marketers Use to Make $50,000 PER MONTH Appointify Review Appointify will sell like crazy most likely because you are being shown how to make quick and easy and free money. I can tell you that this will blow you away when you see how easy it is to make money! Instruction are written in a easy to read and quite easy to follow. Appointify Discount

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