Ultimate FB Platform Chat Robot Upsell Review

Ultimate FB Platform Chat Robot Review and Bonus by Mark Dulisse – Best New Cloud-Based Facebook Messenger Marketing Software 2019

Ultimate FB Platform Chat Robot Reviews

Before you buy another ebook, method, course, you need to know about Ultimate FB Platform Chat Robot by Mark Dulisse – here is why

What You Can Do With Chat Robot? We offer a complete array of automation tools and services for your marketing and business needs, providing real solutions 24/7 to your leads and customers.

Ultimate FB Platform Chat Robot is very simply to apply and very suggested for Internet Marketers. Ultimate FB Platform Chat Robot Review and Bonus by Mark Dulisse – Best New Cloud-Based Facebook Messenger Marketing Software 2019 is truly an outstanding product – Ultimate FB Platform Chat Robot Review

Watch the demo Ultimate FB Platform Chat Robot here :

Ultimate FB Platform Chat Robot Review and Bonus by Mark Dulisse – Best New Cloud-Based Facebook Messenger Marketing Software 2019

Ultimate FB Platform Chat Robot Review

Ultimate FB Platform Chat Robot review

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Ultimate FB Platform Chat Robot Benefits :

  • Messenger Bot Builder
  • Lead Magnet Tools (6)
  • Messenger Broadcaster
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Bot Templates
  • Multi-Page Poster
  • Auto Comment Reply’s
  • Facebook Live Video
  • Human Chat Takover
  • And Much, Much, More…

Why Messenger Marketing? Gets Far Greater Results Than Traditional Email Marketing

  • Facebook Messenger messages have an open rate of 50-80%.
  • Facebook Messenger messages have a clickthrough rate of 20%, especially when using chat blasting.
  • Facebook Messenger messages have a conversion rate of 3-5x higher than Facebook desktop ads.
  • Facebook Messenger marketing costs 30-50x less than Facebook ad campaigns (when using Facebook Send To Messenger Ads)

Our Marketing Platform will Increase Leads & Sales, and Support

  • Lead Generation
  • Sales and Support
  • Marketing and Product Promotion
  • Sponsored Messages
  • Company News & Updates
  • Much, Much, More…

Why Facebook? The Leading Digital Marketing Channel Today…Using Chat Robot Services!

  • Maximum Visability with over 2.3 Billion FB Monthly Active Users
  • Over 1.3 Billion Active Messenger Users.
  • Chatbots are the key to increase of sales and lead generation
  • Messenger Broadcasts is far more effective than Email Marketing

State-of-the-Art Bot Builder


How It Works…

Building your Bot! Now that you know how to get people INTO Messenger through our 7 Powerful Lead Magnets…it’s time to build your bot with an automated sequence of responses using our AI and keyword technology. You’ll be able to see the flow of the conversation using our Tree View feature. Knowing what can be sent is a big component of a “successful” Messenger experience and will help ensure the quality and conversion. Let’s go over in this section all the different elements that can be included in a Messenger conversation through bots as well as any restrictions and formats.

Sending Capabilities

Here is where it gets exciting. You can have your Bot reply with a number of actions. We will list them here below!

  • Text, Images, Audio’s, Video’s, Files (pdf’s, etc),
  • Quick Replies, with capture of users Email, Phone Number, and Location
  • Templates: Generic, Button with Text, Carousal, List Template, Media Template
  • Export/Import Bot Template

Bot Dashboard

Our Bot settings dashboard gives you quick access to all the bot functions that you will need to manage for your FB Pages. One interface allows you to manage multiple pages at the same time.

  • Create your bot in minutes
  • Multi-Page Bots (Unlimited for 1 FB Account)
  • Multiple Facebook Accounts (optional)
  • Tree View for Funnel View
  • Error Log to help you see your mistakes
  • Export/Import Bot Templates

Messenger Broadcaster(s)

Send Bulk Messages to Facebook Messenger Subscribers with up to 80% Open Rate

How it Works

Facebook Messenger Broadcaster is insanely popular among our customers. And yet less than 1% of businesses use Facebook Messenger to connect with customers. Here, we will show you the best way to keep your prospects informed, educated, and get make sales using out Messenger Broadcaster.

  • Quick Bulk Broadcasts
  • Subscriber Bulk Broadcasts
  • Multi-Page Broadcasts

Broadcaster(s) and Multi-Page Sender

Quick Bulk Broadcaster

  • Uses Bot API (in Messenger Broadcaster Menu)
  • Able to send same as Bot: Text, Images, Video, Audio, Carousal Template, List Template, Generic Template with Buttons, Quick Reply’s, Media Template.
  • Very Fast Delivery…in Seconds..up to 5k in one shot.
  • The limit of subscriber per campaign is 5K set by Facebook. Segment list to send more.
  • Message should not contain any advertisement or promotional material. Has 24 hour rule.
  • Sends to old leads (not on your Bot) and new leads (subscribed to Bot) and gives you an estimated reach number..
  • No Reporting on Open Rates

Subscriber Bulk Broadcaster

  • Uses Bot API (in Messenger Broadcaster Menu)
  • Able to send same as Bot: Text, Images, Video, Audio, Carousal Template, List Template, Generic Template with Buttons, Quick Reply’s, Media Template.
  • Very Fast Delivery…in Seconds.
  • Message should not contain any advertisement or promotional material. Has 24 hour rule.
  • Sends to Bot subscribers only (those who have subscribed to your Bot).
  • Give a Stats Report of Delivery Rate, Open Rate, shows you which subscribers opened, and who did not.

Bulk Multi-Page Sender

  • Uses Conversational API, which allows you to send promotional content.
  • Able to send Text only, with link and/or video link with text.
  • Multi-Page Sender, so able to send the same message to everyone on multiple pages at the same time.
  • Multi-Group Sending: you can segment your list into groups and send to multiple groups at once.
  • Much slower, sends 1 at a time. Thus, there are delay and random settings.
  • Able to send promotional material, as it uses Conversation API.
  • No Reporting of Open Rates, who opened, etc…

Quick Bulk Broadcaster

Quick Broadcasting is a very new technology using Facebook’s Bot API. No other service provides this feature. You can send to all existing leads (old and new) in your page’s messenger with one shot within few seconds or maximum minutes. Other competitor’s only provide the option to send broadcast messages to those subscribers who have activated interaction and responded with your Page’s Bot.

  • Very, Very, Fast
  • Send imagse, video, template message, carousel message, button, quick reply etc.. All BOT options.
  • Sends to Old and New Leads
  • For Non-Promotional Material

Subscriber Bulk Broadcaster

Like our competition, there is an other option to send to only users who have activated your BOT for your page, called Subscriber Bulk Broadcast. This is useful when you may want to track the open rate of your campaign as a report is collected with stats.

  • Very, Very, Fast
  • For Non-Promotional Material
  • Send imagse, video, template message, carousel message, button, quick reply etc.. All BOT options.
  • Sends to those who have subscribed/activated to your Bot

Multi-Page Broadcaster

Our Multi-Page bulk sending is an essential tool when you need to send some promotional content. Multi-Page Bulk Sender uses a different API. It uses the Conversation API. For conversation API, there is no restriction of sending promotional content like the BOT API. We are the first who implemented this and is our unbeatable weapon for your messenger marketing. Tools like Manychat, or chatfuel, do NOT provide this feature.

  • Slower than Quick/Subscriber Broadcast
  • Can Send Promotional Material
  • Can send to leads of Multiple Page’s at Once
  • Can send to Multiple Groups of Leads at once

Drip Campaigns (Scheduled)


How it Works

When it comes to marketing funnels and getting people engaged with your content, nothing works better than ‘Drip’ marketing – sending a series of sequential messages.

  • Uses Bot API, so able to send all features: text, images, videos, carousal template, generic, media template, text with buttons
  • Send 0-30 Days Sequence
  • Customize the Time Interval
  • Drip campaigns for Lead Magnets.
  • Manually assign a drip campaign
  • Full report of message sending

Easy to Use Dashboard

Our Messenger Drip Marketing module allows you set up a sequence of messages, up to 30 days, 1 day at a time, to those who are subscribers. You can custom tailer it to set up a drip campaign for a particular lead magnet. Very powerful. And because it uses the BOT API, you can send text, images, video, text with buttons, generic template, carousal, list template, media template. 🙂

  • Can set a default campaign for every new subscriber
  • Set up a Customized Campaign for anyone
  • Use Lead Magnet Engagement Tools to integrate
  • Set up as many drip campaigns as you want
  • Customize the time interval when message will be sent.

Here Are Some Ways To Use Drip Campaigns
Here are some ways where setting up an automated drip campaign could help you get relevant information to targeted subscribers, and convert them into customers. You might want to try a few of them with your users, or perhaps they’ll spark your imagination for other ways you could use drip campaigns for your product or service.

  • Educating About a Product/Service: People have a learning curve, so this will help them
  • Nurturing Leads: Warm them up and build trust
  • Welcoming: Send a series of Welcome messages to showcase yourself/brand.
  • Recommendations: Great for giving your reviews
  • Renewals: Ask people to upgrade or renew their services with you.
  • Confirmations: Send confirmations of transactions
  • Engagement: Build rapport, trust, and and get subscribers interested
  • Courses: A great way to deliver content and courses with links

6 Auto Comment Machines


6 Powerful Tools

We have a powerful arsenal when it comes to auto commenting. In fact, I would suggest that we are the leaders in the industry with what is available to you.

1. Auto Commenting on your own posts

2. Comment Auto Reply on posts

3. Comment Auto Reply with Private Message

4. Page Response Auto Reply with Private Message (PM)

5. The ‘Xtreme Response’ Machine

6. The Comment Tag Machine

Auto Comment

Create scheduled comments on your own posts, either a 1 time comment or periodic.

  • Schedule Auto Comments on your own Posts
  • Auto Comments can be One Time or Periodically scheduled
  • Create Unlimited number of Template Comments
  • View Auto Comment Report

Comment Auto Reply

This is where our Robot Machine get’s exciting. Users make lots of comments on a post. Now, you can automatically reply with different scenarios.

  • Auto Reply to Comments
  • Supports Spin Syntax
  • Use Auto Reply Templates
  • Auto Like the Comment
  • Able to hide comment after comment reply
  • Generic Reply or Keyword Triggered
  • View Full Report of Auto Replies

Auto Private Message When Comment is Made

When a user comments on your post, you can send a auto comment reply AND send the person a private message (PM).

  • Trick: Set up PM’s and get the user on your Subscriber list
  • Supports Spin Syntax
  • Customize PM with users First, Last Name
  • View Full Report

Comment Auto Page Response with Private Message

As previously mentioned above in #2 Comment Auto Reply, our software will turn the Commenter into a Messenger Subscriber. How does it do this? When someone comments on a post, our software will autoreply to the comment publically on the FB page, but it will also send them a private reply to their messenger inbox. When this happens, they become a messenger subscriber automatically. You can then use the Bulk Sender to send broadcast messages or sequence messages to be sent over a period of dates automatically. Here is where it gets exciting. To set this up is tedious. You have to enable each Facebook post and set up a Autoreply and Auto Private Reply for each of your posts. If you have many Pages, this is a whole lot of tedious work.

Introducing…Page Auto Response!
“Page Auto Response will allow you to setup comment auto reply and comment private reply with one settings for the full page. “ It get’s even better…All Future Posts you post will also have Auto Reply and Auto Private Message Reply enabled…Which means, a future commenter will be added to your messenger list on autopilot. Yes, you heard that right. Set your campaign up for your entire Page with the click of one button, and it will work for future posts also. And…you can do Auto Like and Auto Share for the WHOLE PAGE, instead of having to set it up for each post. Never miss a comment again. Respond and capture each commenter into a subscriber.

Xtreme Response Machine

Do you know that many of your customers are being stolen by your competitors? Yep, your competitors are always looking on your page and actively they are sending private messages who are commenting on your page. Now, you can Hide comments after giving a reply that nobody can see but you and the commenter. Reply with images, videos, etc…

  • Hide Comment of Page Post: Hide Comment after Replying. You and the commenter can see only
  • Delete Unwanted Comments: Remove unwanted or abusive or aggressive comments
  • Image in Auto Comment Reply
  • GIF in Auto Comment Reply
  • Video in Auto Comment Reply
  • Auto Like on all comments

Comment Tag Machine

This module is very powerful. When you Auto Reply to someone who makes a comment, you can select to Auto TAG all those who have made a comment on your post. Why do that? Because everyone will get a Notification that their name has been mentioned on your post…and they will look and visit to see what you had to say. 🙂

  • Auto Reply by tagging commenter
  • Supports Spin Syntax
  • Comment on post by bulk tagging commenters
  • Bulk reply all comments by tagging commenter
  • Campaign scheduling & Report

Lead Magnets


7 Powerful Magnets

These Engagement Tools are the mechanisms that make capturing contact information and connecting with prospective customers fast, easy and effective!

  • Checkbox Plugin
  • Send to Messenger Plugin
  • M.Me Link’s
  • Messenger Codes
  • Customer Chat Plugin
  • Auto Comment Reply to Messenger Inbox
  • Click to Messenger Ads

Checkbox Plugin

Our Messenger Platform’s Checkbox plugin allows you to integrate your Messenger bot directly into your website. The checkbox plugin subscribes a person to your Messenger bot as part of a form, such as checkout or sign-up.

  • 65 Different Languages
  • Light & Dark Skins
  • Can Choose Small, Medium, Large, XLarge Plugin Size
  • Can Control Text Alignment
  • New Button Color Customization
  • New Button Color Customization
  • Optin Confirm Message
  • Send Private Message on Confirmed OPTIN
  • Auto Subscriber Labeling to Segment List

Send to Messenger Plugin

This is similar to the Checkbox plugin, but there is NO checkbox requirement. Visitors simply Click the ‘Send to Messenger’ button to start a conversation, and they are added to your BOT list. Sweet. 🙂

  • 65 Different Languages
  • 20+ Available CTA Options
  • White and Blue Skins
  • Can Choose Plugin Size
  • OPTIN Confirm Message
  • Send Private Message on Confirm OPTIN
  • Auto Subscriber Labeling

M.Me Links

With our platform, you can create customized m.me links (shortened URL service operated by Facebook that redirects users to a person, page, or bot in Messenger) that will direct people to your exact bot and conversation, including being segmented to your correct subscriber list with labels.

  • Embed Code to Add to Websites
  • Customizable buttons and raw m.me link (optional)
  • Assign Labels and Target your Audience
  • OPTIN Confirm Message
  • OPTIN Confirm Message
  • Send Private Message on Confirm OPTIN

M.Me Links Are My Favorite: Here’s Why
M.ME Link – This is exactly as it sounds. A link that you can use to send someone directly into the Messenger platform and with the use of a “ref=“ you can actually send a unique message through unique m.me links. ChatRobot.Services makes it really easy to make m.me links that will send unique bot experiences. I would consider this the “best” entry point for any business that is online. It directs a user into Messenger immediately upon clicking. This Entry point will ALSO display a “get Started” the first time a user engages with your bot. AFTER the initial “trip into Messenger”, and once they click the ‘Get Started’ button, or after their first engagement with you in Messenger, the Get Started will not be required anymore and your customized bot messages will just appear if someone clicks your m.me link. It’s important to remember that because you may make a link, click it, and not see a Get Started message… but your users likely will…so don’t be caught off guard by that. Now, M.me links are MY favorite because our businesses are primarily online and this is the best way to get someone engaging with you in a full Messenger conversation. It will take someone from an email, Instagram, website, you name it…and push them straight into Messenger where they can engage with you. We use them for Instagram influencers in their swipe ups, email lists, buttons on our websites, basically anywhere online… this is a huge opportunity to get people to engage with your brand in Messenger and create a subscriber.

Messenger Codes

Think of this as a Physical version of an m.me link. It’s basically EXACTLY the same thing… but with one big difference. You wouldn’t put a scan code on a website right? When someone scans a Messenger Scan code they are directed into your bot and will be shown a “Get Started” button… as mentioned before.

  • Get Raw Link or Embed Link
  • Place on Business Cards, Real Estate Signs, Flyers for Promo’s.
  • Embed Button Customization
  • Sends a OPTIN Confirm Message
  • Sends a Private Message on Confirm OPTIN
  • Auto Subscribe Labeling/Segmenting

Customer Chat Plugin

THIS IS A GREAT ONE! This basically brings Messenger on to your website. It shows an icon for Messenger on your website, and then you can prompt a message. We love using this on order pages, our main sites, you name it. You are allowed to create a “custom confirm” OPTIN message, as well as send a private message on confirmed OTIN.

  • Embed Code to Add to Websites
  • Customizable Greeting Messages
  • Have Chat Widget Window Open Up Upon Webpage Load..with Delay Options (in seconds).
  • Assign Labels and Target your Audience
  • WordPress Version is Available/Optional
  • 65 Different Languages Available

Comment Reply Trigger

Making a comment on your FB page posts does NOT make them a subscriber, but it DOES open a one way conversation. For example: Someone comments on your page post, they get a message to their inbox (using a comment trigger) that says “Thanks for your comment, now type ‘contest’ to enter.” The user then type’s “contest.” Boom… now they are a subscriber to your bot. 🙂

  • Convert users who comment on a post into Messenger Bot Subscribers
  • Auto Like when a user comments.
  • Auto Reply Privately by sending them a message (this puts them on subscriber list).
  • Supports Spin Syntax, and Personalizations

JSON Messenger Ads

This is hands down, the BEST WAY to get people into Messenger with you or your brand. I say that because it only relies on you spending money. There isn’t some assumption of “existing traffic”. All of the other methods I’ve mentioned so far are great IF you have some way of getting traffic to these points already.

  • JSON Code to Add to FB Ads Platform
  • Convert users who click on your Facebook Ad into Messenger bot subcribers
  • Builds Personalization in your Ad Marketing
  • Create Quick Reply’s for Start of Conversation

Facebook Live Video



Chat Robot’s Facebook Live Video Module is a video streaming tool which allows you to go live on Facebook (Page/Group/Time line) with Pre-recorded video and share across all of your Facebook pages with the click of one button. You can go live immediately or schedule live video for future. Also this application has option to create a Live Event for more Engagement before actual live broadcasting. Enjoy our scheduler. Set a campaign and forget. You don’t even have to have your computer turned on when your scheduled event goes live.

Benefits of Live Video

It’s a fact that live video has a lot of benefits to your marketing efforts, and here we will just list a few…

  • Viewers spend 10x more time with live video
  • Users comment 10x more with live video
  • A notification is sent by Facebook to page fans
  • Live video typically is placed at top of news feed.
  • Live videos gets a lot more views than normal uploaded videos.

Powerful Features

Our Facebook Live Video module has all the features you want in your ability to get your message out…including:

  • Video Live Streaming (Pre-Recorded)
  • Share your Live Video across all your Pages, Groups, and Timeline
  • Schedule Live Streaming Campaign
  • Clone the Campaign to duplicate settings (very convenient)
  • Auto Like the Video from your Pages
  • Auto Comment below your Posting. 🙂
  • Edit your Campaign 🙂
  • Create a Live Event before you go Live
  • Use Embed Code to Place on Websites to Invite
  • Reporting and Stats dashboard
  • Error Log to identify if you configure wrong. 🙂
  • Preview window so you can see your work before you post to Facebook.

Live & Scheduled Events

Users love our platform because of all the great options, like scheduling a live event before it actually goes live.

  • Builds excitement around an event
  • Great for product launches, reviews, more..
  • A notification reminder is sent by Facebook. 🙂

Ultimate Page Poster



When it comes to managing and posting to all of your Facebook pages, we make it easy for you.

  • Plan and Schedule your posts
  • You can create different types of posts: Text, Images, Multi-images, Video
  • Add Youtube URL and it will upload and post as Facebook native video. 🙂
  • Posts Carousal and Slider Posts
  • Create Call-to-Action posts with +20 CTA button types
  • Post to Multiple Pages with the click of 1 button
  • Repost with time interval feature
  • Add RSS Feed for Autoposting to your pages

Scheduled Posts

Create scheduled comments on your own posts, either a 1 time comment or periodic.

  • Schedule Auto Comments on your own Posts
  • Auto Comments can be One Time or Periodically scheduled
  • Create Unlimited number of Template Comments
  • View Auto Comment Report

Call-to-Action Posts

Chat Robot will auto post “Call-to-Action” to your Facebook pages, with over 20 options to choose from. Perfect for your FB ads.

  • Schedule CTA posts
  • Add links to websites
  • 20+ CTA buttons
  • Multi-Page Posting
  • Auto Comment Reply

Carousal/Slider Posts

Chat Robot support making FB Carousal and Slider posts to your Pages for maximum visability. We personally use this feature all the time.

  • Multi-Page: post to multiple pages with the click of 1 button.
  • Add a Auto Comment to your Post
  • Add Titles, Links, and Images
  • View Full Report

Text/Link/Image/Video Poster

We use this feature all the time. Schedule your posts. Post to multi-pages. Add text, images, video, links…

  • Schedule your posts
  • Choose text posts, images, multi-images, links, videos….
  • Add Youtube URL, and it posts it as native FB video on your page. 🙂
  • Repost with time interval

RSS Feed Posts

Add any RSS Feed into Chat Robot and it will autopost to your Facebook Pages. This is an excellent way to add content on autopilot.

  • Add any RSS Feed to Auto Post
  • Add as many RSS Feeds as you want.
  • Select any of your Facebook pages to autopost your RSS Feed

Target Marketing on Steriods


Labels: How It Works

Facebook Messenger Label’s are the perfect way to segment your list. This is how it work. Create as many labels for each Facebook Page as you want. Create a customized Lead Magnet to place on your website, or share a m.me link, etc…Assign a Label to that Lead Magnet that you created. Now, when somone subscribes to your Bot through that lead magnet, your new subscriber will automatically be assigned to that custom label. Boom! When you want to send out a targeted broadcast, you select that page, your custom label, and click ‘Send.’ It’s that easy. 🙂

  • Step 1: Create Labels
  • Step 3: Leads Activate Bot
  • Step 2: Create Lead Magnet
  • Step 4: Send Broadcasts

Open Rate Reporting For Subscriber Broadcaster

Segmenting Your List Will Greatly Increase Your Open Rate Up To 90%
Chat Robot Services will work for you 24/7 and will do the heavy lifting for you. Imagine having customer service taking place, all with automation, innovation, and excellent technlogy. Join today to start your messenger marketing and get more leads, more sales, and attain higher customer satisfaction and service.

Live Chat Takeover


Live Agent Take Over

With our system you offer can offer your customers 24/7 Bot Automation Service to answer most of their questions and full product solutons + option to speak with a live agent.

Our system allows you to manage conversations in 4 ways:

  • ‘Chat with Human’ Button Template
  • ‘Chat with Robot’ Button Template
  • Inbox Manager Dashboard
  • FB Page Operator Gets Email Notification

‘Chat with Human’ Button

Live Chat Inbox Manager

Customer Service Gets Email Notification When Someone Clicks ‘Chat with Human’ Button
Get the Ultimate Open and Response Rates when you are fully engaged with your visitors and customers. 24/7 responsive time with your Chat Bot, and ability for users to request a Live Human and your Page operator gets a Email Notification that there is a customer waiting.

Api Integrations

Add Custom Webhooks and Over 1500+ Apps Integration with Zapier Support

Connect 3rd Party Apps

This is my favorite module. Our JSON API connector sends data you receive inside your Messenger Bot (via Webhook) to 3rp party apps. This feature can be used to connect our system with any third party app like Zapier or your own custom app.

  • Simply add WebhookURL to connect your 3rd Party App to Messenger Bot
  • Intergrates with over 1500+ Zapier Apps
  • Push data (email, phone, location, & post-backs) to your Custom App
  • Add any many Webhooks as you want.

Zapier App’s Integration

Zapier offers over 1500+ apps that can be integrated with Chat Robot. Simply get your Zap App Webhook URL, and insert it into Chat Robot, and it is all set up. For example: You can send email addresses from Messenger to GetResponse autoresponder, or MailChimp. You can send SMS text messages from Messenger to users’s phone number with Zap’s SMS app. And much, much more…

  • Over 1500+ Apps Available
  • Scheduling Apps, To-Do-List Apps, Customer Support Apps, Email Apps, and more…
  • Easy automation for busy people

Easily Migrate Your Leads


We Got Your Back!

Are you currently using another platform and feel trapped because your Messenger subsribers and leads are in their platforom and system? Don’t feel trapped any more! With the click of ‘1’ button, all your subscribers and leads will be migrated to Chat Robot Services bot platform.

  • Easy with 1 Click
  • No More High Paying Fee’s
  • Peace of Mind

Real Insight Bot Analytics


Live Data & Stats

Messenger Bot Analytics is a very effective module that can displays live analytics data of your page every time you see the result. These are the stats:

  • Messaging Connections
  • Daily Unique New Conversations
  • Daily Active Conversations
  • Daily Unique Blocked Conversations
  • Daily Unique Reported Conversations by Type
  • Daily Unique Reported Vs Blocked Conversations

Ultimate FB Platform Chat Robot : FAQ

Is there a Limit to the number of Messenger Subscribers?
Fortunately for you, you can have unlimited Subscribers in your Account. This means if you have 1 Facebook Page with 20,000 bot subscribers, you are not charged extra. We charge based on number of Facebook Pages, not Subscribers.

What is a Messenger Subscriber?
Subscribers are Facebook Messenger individuals who have engaged in a chat session with a Chat Robot Chat Bot. Subscribers are stored in the “Subscribers” section of your Bot Settings Menu and can be exported to csv or through API Integrations.

How do I upgrade my level?
In your account you simply pay for your upgrade and cancel your old existing plan. Or, contact support and we can help you through the process.

Do I need a Facebook Account to set up a Messenge

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